Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sparkle During Exercise, Purple Flowers & Pink Drinks!

Greetings Beautiful Readers~   (There is a surprise at the end of the keep on reading)

Summer is in full swing and I hope you have been having an awesome summer so far! On some days I feel like I live in California again. (I am originally from Southern California and lived there through college, before I moved to the east coast). Well, it feels a bit like California because we have had some very warm days in coastal Washington (on the island I live on)!  I still have to get out there and exercise; so it is a must to stay hydrated! I drink at least 8 glasses of purified water a day (always been a big water drinker). After water, I have been drinking a lot of this delicious flavored water beverage.  It comes in many pretty berry flavors, zero calories (my kind of drink). My favorite these days is the "Pink Grapefruit." Great for parties! In addition to your cocktail bar, this would be a refreshing non-alcoholic drink (for the kids too) for a fun summer outing. The colors are beautiful.
Pink Drink, "Cascade Ice." Nail polish mentioned in next photo. Because I adore turquoise! and jewelry (& photo) well, you guessed it, by, me!

 Staying cool is essential and it's not always easy to look good while doing it! I dressed up my wrist (arm party) with my yoga & beach bracelets. They are so easy to put on and look fabulous with practically everything. I recently posted on instagram (the next picture below) and mentioned how awesome these bracelets are and how I literally throw on one or two (& a cute necklace, really, I do) before I head out to power walk (I wouldn't recommend all my handmade jewelry when exercising, but, the yoga and beach bracelets & many of my necklaces with stainless steel chain are perfect for MELLOW exercise). 

There is nothing like the feel of real (of the earth) organic gemstones on your skin. Real gemstones have such vibrancy and wonderful healing properties (according to folklore). Let's face it, they are really fun to look at and add beauty to your style, and pretty self.  I wear a lot of casual clothes (don't get me wrong, I LOVE fashion and beautiful clothes {affordable however, sales are this girls' best friend}) around the island; so adding a beautiful necklace (or two, or three) and some bracelets to my outfits really feels good & adds that extra sparkle. Do you always grab some jewelry before you leave the house (like I do)? A lot of the women I see on this island have wonderful taste in jewelry and wear it daily! I love that.

Jewelry & photography by me, Marissa T Designs. My favorite sneakers for power walks these days are, New Balance, and I'm in love with this turquoise nail polish called "Brisk Blue," by Sally Hansen. (Those lace cap hydrangea are so beautiful and blooming in my backyard)

I'm in love with all the purple, blue, and pink hydrangea growing on the island right now (not to mention the lavender & lilies). All the beautiful hydrangea in the pictures are from my home garden. They really make a statement (don't you think?) and have always been my favorite flower (it is a toss up between hydrangea and peonies). I think they may be upstaging my new necklaces (in the picture below)! wink wink. These necklaces (Druzy Quartz, Silver Spike and Circle Love Necklaces, coming to my etsy shop soon) are strung on beautiful silver stainless steel which looks like platinum, will never tarnish, and has the durability for, yes, you guessed it, power walking or mellow exercise!

I love the purple & blue palette. Here are the colors of my hydrangea flowers (the best flowers to have around the house). They are very hardy. They grew in abundance on the east coast and thrive out here in the Pacific North West. Great flower to plant! They will give you many lovely bouquets and dress up your garden beautifully!

Signing off for now. Here I am (below/Purple Druzy with Aqua Spike Quartz Necklace & Caribbean Aqua Blue Apatite Petite Earrings, available in my shop) giving you a smile, because I am happy that you are here. Send me inquiries or ask me product or jewelry questions anytime.

Thank you so much for following me. 

"Stay real. Be Kind. And above all else, Be Sparkly."

~Marissa xo

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