Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Party time, Harmony Necklace! Party Listing!

You are Cordially Invited to my party! It's Party Listing time!
To: All Beautiful Readers
Fr: Marissa T. Designs
Date: April 21, 2015 to April 29, 2015
Location: My Etsy Jewelry Shop
What is a Party Listing you ask? I list a gorgeous new piece of jewelry I just made in my etsy shop for a very special promotion price. This necklace is being offered at $21 and it lasts for 7 days only. After a week, I re-list at the regular price. I call it my "Party Listing!" Not to be missed. The last couple sold quickly!


Shalom Harlow photographed for Vogue/By Bruce Weber

Gorgeous "Harmony Necklace!" I made this with a "One-Of-A-Kind" Sea Green Fluorite Pendant. It's a dreamy color. I hand-wired one purple iolite and two pretty purple fluorite gemstones to the stylish long gold chain. This surprise is being shared to you beautiful readers, and on my Instgram and Pinterest Only.  

I call it Harmony because natural fluorite gemstone is said to help ground and harmonize your spiritual energy. Whether you believe the folklore or not, it makes for a really stylish necklace! 

Thanks for joining the party. 

Be you. Be kind above all else. Be Sparkly, 

Marissa T. 


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Huge Lifestyle Change? Finding Balance with Yoga and Sparkle...

Hello Beautiful Readers~


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If you've read some of my posts, you know that I recently made a tremendous life change. For those of you that are new, I'll catch you up. I moved about 5 months ago, from the East coast (in the U.S., from the East coast, Boston, MA, literally to the very other side, to the Pacific North West Coast, Washington. An island near Canada). That is a enormous lifestyle change. My husband, Daniel and I, are still very much in transition and that is not always easy. We sold our home on the East Coast, said good bye to our old jobs, and are pursuing our passions for work. You only live once. Is that exciting? Very much so! However, all that transition and change makes it challenging for your mind, body, and soul. I believe connecting and finding balance for your mind body and soul is always a challenge. However, add enormous life changes, and it can get even harder. My answer these days is: YOGA.

This is one of my happy places. Here and my YOGA MAT.
Everything is still so very NEW.  With new, comes unease and excitement all at the same time. For me, and I would think for most, it is very beneficial to find things that ground you. Exercise (I've posted about my power beach walks) and yoga are my things! I did yoga on the east coast. But, not very regularly. Now, I happily practice yoga several times a week! I LOVE it! I cannot tell you how amazing yoga is for me. It's goes beyond what regular cardio exercise does for me (and I have been a gym member since I was a young girl). Do you do yoga? Do you experience this bliss? It is so much more than exercise.

For me, yoga is all about, inner strength, power, exercise, balance, breathe, core, inner work, outer work, spirit, trust, harmony, peace. So important to me that I have been creating jewelry pieces inspired by my connection and love for yoga. 

Om Necklace
My "Om Necklace." Pewter, Hand-stamped with love. Comes with removable Pink Aquamarine and Freshwater pearl. $33

Spirit Bracelets. Yoga Inspired. (They have the big gorgeous Lemon Yellow Quartz, Aquamarine and Jasper). Jasper gemstone is said to help balance mind and body 

I just made this bracelet that I call "Serene." Part of my Yoga Inspired Jewelry Collection.
The Gemstone Agate is said to promote a sense of Calm (serene) and is a powerful emotional healer. $30

I've met many new and friendly people in this progressive and incredibly scenic place. I hope to meet many many more like minded peeps. Let me just say, it will take some time to find my groove in this special place. Finding your niche, and creating a support system, in a brand new environment, is a considerable and wonderful challenge. However, I am determined to have fun on my journey finding it. When obstacles and uncertainty get in the way, back on my yoga mat I shall go. Back to Om. Back to my breathe. Persistence and practice are words I often hear spoken by my beautiful yoga instructors. Nobody said things come easy. Believe in yourself and in your practice. 

Breathe. Be You. Be in the Moment. and above all else. Be Sparkly. 


~Marissa T.xo

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Beachy Boho Chic Jewelry! & FREE GIFT INCLUDED!

Hello Beautiful Readers~

I have a fun NEW section in my etsy Jewelry shop that I call, "FREE GIFT INCLUDED." 

I add a beautiful new of piece jewelry to it that I just made and it comes with its own special FREE GIFT! 

I just added the first necklace (below)! It comes with a FREE gorgeous pair of "Spa Earrings." I added a picture of the fabulous petite earrings below . You can keep for them for yourself or give as a gift to a lovely friend or Mother's Day is coming up.  The necklace is inspired by my love of the sea and all the gorgeous turquoise water colors associated with it. 

I call the necklace, "Sky Necklace," because I'm constantly inspired by natural elements. All those fabulous colors of the sea and sky. Nature is truly amazing.

I call my jewelry. Beachy. Boho. Chic. Very much Beach inspired. A little bit of fun loving Bohemian style and very chic. I love how easy this necklace is to slip over your head. Slip it on, grab your handbag, lipstick and go! Are you a beachy chic girl or woman? It looks like candy drops! Mmmmm.

Sky Necklace/Comes with FREE GIFT Earrings BELOW!
 I call these lovely earrings "Spa Earring." Oh how I love the dreamy sea agate and pale sky blue amazonite.

These earring are FREE GIFT for you when you purchase the "Sky Necklace," above. I ship international.

Be well. Be Fashionable. Be beachy and above all else. Be Sparkly.

~Marissa T. xo

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Love Affair with the Sea & Jewels. Part 2

Hello Beautiful Readers~

I had blogged recently about my love affair with the sea. Part 2 here we go. I can blog about this topic forever! Why? It is my main inspiration for my jewelry designs and I have such a special love for the ocean that I need to share it with others out there who I know can relate. Among many things, it is also a zen or yoga like experience for me. (Yoga. next blog topic).

Island County, Washington/One of my favorite beaches. 
There is something magical that happens to me when I'm near the sea. It's as if it's calling out to me. I always reply when it does. I have read about water and its healing benefits and have found a lot of interesting tid bits. One being, that the ocean has restorative powers that has been recognized for centuries. It's no wonder the Greeks bathed in springs to cure disease and simply, as way to help people come alive and gain strength. These days, it's amazing to read, how many spas all over the world, use water therapy.

Salt water, it wakes up my senses. I must have been a mermaid or dolphin in a past life. In a future life, I would like to come back as a mermaid (or a character on "Downton Abbey," well, that's a whole other topic).  The pure joy I feel, from swimming in the sea, is surreal. I feel my limbs move through the cool salt water and I am invigorated. I am completely immersed in the moment. Me and the sea. If I'm lucky, this usually happens to me, when I meditate or practice yoga. I become more present and alive, in that moment.  The feeling of swimming in another world (the underwater world) is pure bliss. I feel calm. I feel wonder. I feel joy. There is something to be said about the healing effects of water. It can help you spiritually and physically.

Snorkeling is something I don't get to do enough of , but, I LOVE it. I recall a fun vacation in Aruba not too long ago, with my husband, Daniel, and my brother. Every day was "Explore a New Beach Day," for us. I remember one afternoon, I went out to snorkel and I think I may have been in the briny sea for more than two hours. Was I water logged? No! On the contrary, I could have stayed longer! Being in the seawater is intoxicating (for me) & experiencing all the spectacularly beautiful tropical fish, up close is surreal. I can swim and frolic for hours on end. There is nothing like swimming and floating through a school of thousands of  blue fish. If you haven't experienced this (and you love swimming), I highly recommend it. It is truly a magical underwater wonderland.
A beach in Aruba. I snorkeled here for hours!

I  feel renewed when I swim in the ocean (or power walk next to it). Do you experience this bliss too? I would love to know. I can't wait to swim in the sea where I live now (Pacific North West, U.S.). I hear I need a wet suit because of critters in the sea (jellyfish). I think I would wear heavy scuba gear if I had too. Some say the water is cold here. I used to swim in the ocean all the time when I lived on the East Coast. The cold water and I mix well. Recently, on a warm spring day, I went down to the beach to feel the water and it felt amazing. I was ready to jump in! It was calling me. When the sea calls out to me, I always answer it.
Aruba. The wild side.  The color of the water is unreal.
Aruba. The water is really that blue. 
I must leave you with some of my NEW jewelry pieces (designed by me & available in my etsy shop) that are all about my "love affair with the sea." Beachy. Boho. Chic. This necklace might make you feel like a fashionable mermaid.
The Blue Duchess Necklace

Necklaces Inspired by the Sea. In my Etsy Shop.
Inspired by the Sea and Fashion. All these necklaces in ocean & sunset hues are available in my etsy shop.
Let me tell you about a special shipping promotion that I am having. If you buy 2 or more pieces from my etsy shop, you get free shipping! Last through Spring 2015! (applicable in U.S., Canada, E.U., U.K. and Mexico).

See you soon. Be well. Be in the moment. and above all else. 

Be sparkly~

Marissa T.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy "Tuesday Tulips" & The Benefits and Beauty of Powerwalks on the Beach.

Hello Readers~

I received the most beautiful red tulips from my husband today for no special reason. He said, "Happy Tuesday Tulips." Who doesn't love flowers from the man they love? It really put a huge smile on my face and my heart. Since moving from the East coast to our new coast, the Pacific North West (it's only been 4 months), my husband and I have been doing a lot of wonderful new things to get to know the island (all in good time). We have also tried to keep some of our everyday rituals (to create more structure in our new lives, since both our routines are completely different now). Some of our small traditions (if you will) are, simple, but, so important. One is , we often exercise together. We go for brisk power walks. (Which we did on the east coast too. We often saw the ocean there too as we lived on a peninsula in a very pretty but, very overpopulated seaside town). Now we can go for brisk power walks on many different glorious beaches (it's especially an amazing workout when you lunge through soft wet sand). You feel the burn in your legs, buttocks, and back!

My husband, Daniel, also used to give my flowers (when we lived on the east coast) for special occasions and also just because he felt like it. So, "Tuesday Tulips," reminded me of some east coast moments of joy (tradition). 

The Tulips! Nothing like fresh flowers to brighten your mood. Add a splash of beauty inside! They do something beautiful to your soul too. Don't you think?

Some of the beaches we power walk on in our new digs, "The Pacific North West." What does the sea do for you?

Do you exercise? I know it's often hard to find the time. But, do you squeeze some cardio in there, somewhere?
Do you live near the ocean? I feel blessed. Never take it for granted and well, keep pinching myself that we live here. 
 Daniel was off taking in the sun on a much needed break, We had been power walking for more than a hour already. Time for a selfie.


Power walking is so good for you. As I'm sure many of you probably now this! Let's inspire each other! Not only are you getting the benefits of a great cardio workout (brisk walking/arms moving/walking in sand) you also (at least for me, maybe for you too) get the glorious benefits for your soul & mind. Your mind becomes more clear. I become more centered (like after I do yoga/the feeling is amazing). I feel invigorated from the cool air, the brilliant & dreamy scenery, super energized from the fresh briny sea air, and uplifted from the sounds of the waves and birds. Did I mention we have eagles everywhere here? They are magnificent to see in person.

I have been very very busy creating new jewelry pieces (and working on my website. *I will be launching that soon. I'm very excited). The sea is a constant inspiration for my life and my jewelry creations. 

A new bracelet (below) I made of many delicious sea turquoise colored gemstones. Available in my etsy shop now. I call it "Hope Bracelet." The gemstone I used the most of in it, is Amazonite. It is an amazing gemstone because it comes in a variety of green and blue shades...it is also said to be the "hope stone."  Folklore says it inspires confidence and hope. Also said to be the gemstone of courage and said to be named after Amazon women warriors. Only $44 US. Natural lavender/blue druzy crystal and ocean jasper, and amazonite. Fancy Sterling silver beads and heart shaped toggle. Special details and a meaningful piece for your jewelry collection.

*You get to be the first to find out about this new promotion starting now! I ship world world, (see etsy listings. but, It applies to Europe, U.S., Mexico, and Canada) . If you buy more than one item from my shop (so 2 or more), You receive FREE shipping from me.* 

Offer lasts through May 2015* I credit you the shipping costs after purchase. It can be a wonderful savings! More promotions coming soon. Bloggers and Instagram followers, and Pinners are likely to hear first!  Different promotions will be listed in different social media platforms.  

Happy Exercising, Jewelry shopping , flower buying! Or you can be the someone special and treat yourself. Or pick some fresh flowers for your flat, out in the garden! 

Smell the flowers, Smell the fresh air. Get that heart rate up. Shop some bling with amazing values , handmade with special care and gorgeous gemstones . Oh yes, and above all else. Be sparkly. ~Marissa T. xo

Hope Bracelet