Friday, March 11, 2016

Turquoise Waters, Gorgeous Jewelry and Island Life! A Pictorial Blog Post!

Hi Beautiful Readers! 

A lovely friend of mine on social media, recently tagged me to share some of my favorite photo's that I styled and posted in the month of February! I thought to myself, I cannot crop them all into a little square and share that way, because, well, I just have too many favorites! 

A pictorial blog post (with some added content). These are some of the pictures I have taken and posted throughout social media sites through the month of February. I love reading some of my favorite blogs to also see some of the photos clear and up close! Some of those beautiful details are more fun on a big screen!

A good place for me to begin is always with the ocean! I shot this on one of the many gorgeous beaches on the the island that I live on; "Driftwood & Turquoise Heaven!"  It is amazing how many different shapes and sizes of driftwood and tree trunks there are that grace the surf of our beaches. 

"Blue Waves, Sea foam & Succulent Love." I am in love with succulents. There is something about their colors and textures that make me want to photograph them and plant them all over the house! I finally bought my first and included this little baby succulent in the photo. I love so many gemstones. However, my favorite gemstones are all shades of blue. Could you tell? What is your favorite color gemstone? (For details on any of the jewelry, please click photo and/or contact me at the bottom of the page of my website, here. Thank you).


 From beautiful ocean inspired jewels to farm animals?! That is right. That is how you roll when you live on an island. It is a magical island surrounded, not only, by the glorious sea, but, many wonderful working farms and nature galore! It is a haven of amazing wild life and beautiful farm animals that inspire me creatively all the time. 
I do not live on a farm, however, it is so enjoyable to be able to walk a few residential blocks and suddenly you are in the middle of horses, rabbits, cows, goats, deer and sheep! There may be some alpaca around too! Among other beauties. 
This cute white sheep lives a few blocks away. I did not post the "baby shot," on social media. I will share it with you now. It is just too sweet!

Here are some of the beautiful babies who grow up and supply many of us with those soft wool sweaters. I love soft wool scarves and sweaters in the fall and winter. Don't you?

I am inspired by the soft feel of sand and the color of seashells that are washed ashore onto the aqua blue beaches. Labradorite and moonstone are my favorite gemstones and are what you see shining mysteriously below. They have all this fabulous iridescent flashes of color play when the light hits the gemstones. Blues, greens, yellows and reds.

I bought Amy Poehler's autobiography recently, Yes Please," and it was part of my pretty vignette that I styled and shot in the next photo. The blooms were from the bouquet my sweet husband gave me (from the Flying Bear Farm on Whidbey Island, WA). I called this photo, "Pink Flowers, Coffee, Jewelry, and A Good Read." If you like Amy Poehler and her work, I imagine you will enjoy her book (I haven't finished it yet, as I like to read many things at once. I may have to mention it again somehow in a future blog post. She is so inspiring and incredibly funny). 

I am in love with these natural raw slices of lavender blue agate you see in the necklace. They remind me of a treasure you would find beneath the sea. This is a one-of-a-kind necklace I made with freshwater pearls, golden citrine, and lavender blue iolite gemstones. If you prefer somewhat bolder pieces, I think this is such a beautiful spring and summer statement necklace. 

A little coffee goes with everything! The coffee that I brew nearly every day is a delicious organic espresso roast from the island (Useless Bay Coffee. I have to say this is some of the best espresso I have had in a long time). I am not a snob by any means. However, a coffee snob, that I am! It tastes like the espresso you get in Italian cafe's. I have been to Italy and I kid you not). I would never joke about good coffee! Ever! What is your favorite blend? I know there are a lot of coffee lovers on social media. Including myself!

It is time for a beach break! I do not think anyone could get enough of a relaxing and hypnotic ocean view! When I watch the sun sparkle over the sea it does wonders for my heart and spirit. It is amazing how every picture I take always looks different.

I love hand stamping jewelry! I have made many in the past and I am currently in the process of making a lot more (as fast as my two hands can go. Being a one woman show who does it all for her business really keeps me busy around the clock. I am so passionate about my work and where it can go that I love every minute of it and the possibilities are endless). Okay, I got side tracked there.

Here is the new mermaid necklace that will be available soon. The mermaid necklace (also available with, "Dog mama," "Mom," "Aunt," "Boss Babe," "Lady Boss," "Beach Girl," "Yoga Love," and "Wanderlust." (Or custom order what ever you prefer). 

The mermaid necklace comes with an aqua sea blue diamond shaped druzy that is removable for a two-in-one look (also pictured, the perfect aqua druzy bar. Like a wave on the sea. And a raw aqua crystal quartz). When chocolate has a flavor called, "San Juan Sea Salt," and wrapped in shiny silver, well that had to be included. If you love chocolate though, like I do, Seattle Chocolates are amazing! 

I love nearly everything that sparkles, glitters, shines and gives off light. I found this gorgeous photo via bloglovin and this nice fashion and beauty website They all hate us. She looks like a sparkly fashion boho mermaid who loves unique handmade gemstone jewelry!


 Time for some sea air. The moon was full the day I took this and there was a swell. The sun was already set and the sky was lit up by the magic of the moon. The water glowed. The waves were rolling in. I love sharing my personal photos of moments that truly inspire me in so many ways. I especially love sharing my beach photography because I know many of you can relate to captures that make your soul dance, like this one does to mine.

This is the same day. you can see the big beautiful full moon. It was so bright and full and the sky was the softest shade of lavender. It was a magical night.

After mentioning the magic of the moon and its light, this photo fits right in. Three beautiful sparkling simple modern necklaces. One is a really stunning moonstone, bezel set in sterling silver. Actually, that gemstone is said to have gotten its name from the moon, because of the magical light play it holds. The other two very pretty necklaces are beautiful petite druzy's. Like silver and black diamond (affordable ones). They are super for layering or perfect on their own.

The silver druzy above is even more sparkly in person! I did not share this picture on social media because I really think it needed to be seen larger to appreciate its full beauty! It is a really fabulous photo by a wonderful blogger friend, Shelbi. I feel so fortunate that I have had the pleasure of getting to know her thanks to social media. She is a lovely, down-to-earth, and very talented blogger (among other things) who has a terrific Instagram gallery! I recommend you check out her beautiful fashion and interesting book reads on her Instagram). Also feel free to check out her great blog, The Nobby Life.

Photo, Shelbi, The Nobby Life. Necklace. Marissa T Designs


I would love to share with you a vignette that I styled and shot for Valentine's Day! After a long and rainy winter on the island I was excited to find a few flowers in the garden! I was determined to make my own little floral arrangement for the photo shoot. Happily I found these purple, pink, and white blooms which were the first pretties to pop up in February. What is better for Valentine's Day than jewelry? Not too much! A long pretty hot pink lariat! 
A tiny bottle of Hermès Calèche pefume somehow added the right visual touch to the photo. What do you think? This darling bottle of perfume was a gift. I do not really wear perfume, but, it smells wonderful! All it takes is a tiny little drop!
I hope you have enjoyed my personal pictorial blog post with some snippets of information here and there. I hope you found something that peeked your interest and simply enjoyed the photos. Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a beautiful weekend filled with love and light!

Be Real. Be Kind. Be Sparkly. 

Marissa xo