Saturday, September 10, 2016

New Jewelry, Website, Blogger Connections, Free Gifts and More!

New Website, New Jewelry, New Photographs, and a Fabulous New Collaboration! As much as I did not want fall to get here too fast, September, I am excited you are here.

I am so thrilled to announce a new online shop (which includes a surprise free gift with any one purchase through September 30)! I promise to remind you again about this later on.

I want to dive into ocean colors and some of my new handmade accessories. The beautiful thing about jewelry is that, I believe, you do not have to transition from summer into fall. You also (my philosophy) do not have to wear the same pieces everyday! Many of us "girls" collect jewelry (and accessories) like clothes! It is all about choices, your love of color, and your unique style! You can accessorize all year long with bright bold necklaces or minimal modern pieces. 

I love making jewelry that speaks to all types of girls and women. That is one of the reasons I have many different styles that I work with! I instantly fell in love with these beautiful natural agate slices and had to make beautiful boho luxe statement necklaces with them. 

 I picture these necklaces on a girl or woman with confidence and style. I was thrilled when, the Beautiful Fashion and LifeStyle Blogger, Catherine Grace O'Connell, reached out to me on Instagram, to collaborate with her. I have been following her for awhile now and I love Catherine's natural beach beauty and style. It is lucky to collaborate with someone you feel you have a lot in common with as well (we both are beach, fashion, and yoga lovers). 

Catherine is a talented and inspiring blogger as well as a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. She has had a fascinating career; from marketing, interior design to a Masters in Spiritual Psychology.  I love that this amazing woman (who by the way is in her 50's and you would never know it) keeps reinventing herself. She is truly an inspiration, having survived late stage lyme disease which almost took her life just over a year ago. 

I also changed my career path not too long ago (I left my successful business I created, teaching foreign language to children and adults, and dove into jewelry design, styling and photography! I have not looked back). I encourage you to read about Catherine, as she will encourage you to keep pursuing your goals, no matter what life throws at you. Here's a link to an Interview (if you're interested) to learn about her personal journey that's very real, raw, and authentic. She prides herself on her authenticity and vulnerability (I would say that is something else we have in common) She also lives in my home state, California, and believes, like me, that beauty starts from within! Our collaboration was meant to be.

I custom made two lavender agate necklaces (from the collection above) and knew one would look amazing on her.

Photo Credit, Catherine Grace O'Connell

Photo By Catherine Grace O'Connell

A Close up of my Lavender Blue Agate Design that Catherine is wearing.

If you want to rock the long boho beauty agate look like Catherine, I have the same necklace available in my online shop. I custom designed the second strand on her's, with freshwater pearls and sparkly silver beads, knowing it would enhance Catherine's bright smile. She paired my agate necklace with a beautiful white shear blouse and cool destroyed denim jeans (please visit her blog for the complete fashion details at

Photo by Catherine Grace O'Connell

Photo By Catherine Grace O' Connell

Catherine has a strong and chic sense of style. Like her, I love color, and think you should wear what makes you feel beautiful on the inside (while complementing you on the outside as well). You see that in the gorgeous photo's in Catherine's Instagram gallery

The opposite of Boho luxe is modern and minimal. I am excited to share my brand new designs with natural raw crystals and sleek silver metal. The natural crystals are filled with beautiful healing properties. Amethyst is said to promote balance, protection, and peace.  I have an affinity for angels, winged creatures, and purple amethyst. I am constantly inspired by (not only travel, architecture, and fashion) natural elements. The angel wing and amethyst was the offspring of that inspiration. Amethyst is such a calming gemstone and the color is perfect for all year long. 

The next piece I chose for our collaboration had to be my silver pewter wing necklace. However, I hand-stamped and customized it with Catherine's name on it. 


Photo by Catherine Grace O'Connell

The wing can symbolize an angel, love, or freedom (like a bird in flight). I love that Catherine chose to pair a more modern minimal necklace with a fabulous blue fringy, beachy, boho dress (that embodies the whole idea that you can wear anything together, that makes you feel beautiful on the inside. Which will naturally enhance your beauty on the outside). She styled it perfectly! 

Photo by Catherine Grace O'Connell

I love personalized hand stamped jewelry and am adding more to my jewelry line. 
I made the second necklace (the aqua blue agate layering necklace) to go with Catherine's Wing. You can wear them separately or to add a pop of color to the wing, they look beautiful together. Catherine is the perfect model for the necklaces!

Photo by Catherine Grace O'Connell

 If you love the fashion you have seen here, you will love Catherine's gallery on Instagram (link) and her blog. I look forward to more future collaboration's with this multi-talented beach beauty! Feel free to email me on my website (in the comment box), or leave a message below or visit me on Instagram. I always appreciate your feedback!

Please do not forget my new online shop that I am launching right now! I will be adding more pieces to it all month long. In celebration of the launch, I am offering a *Special Free Surprise Gift to any one purchase (through the end of September)!  Thank you for joining me here and on social media. 

Be well. Be Real and above all else. Be Sparkly.