Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jewelry Contest Winners & Turquoise Love.....

Hello Lovely Readers,

Thank you so much Beautiful Readers for entering my Free Gift Certificate ($25 each) Giveaway!

I already contacted the winners directly the evening the contest finished and the lovely ladies know who they are! Congratulations beautiful girls and I look forward to you finding a piece of my handmade jewelry you love & that speaks to you, from my online jewelry shop.

Thank you again, all of you who entered on my Instagram for the Giveaway, for following me, & giving me support! You're wonderful.

 Follow me on Instagram for more fun surprises to come & see what inspires me. I hope to inspire you.

It was such a pleasure to team up with the beautiful artist, Sophie Iyla Eve, for my Free Giveaway Contest, who is wearing the custom designed aqua quartz spike necklace I made two photo's below. 

Today is Turquoise Tuesday on Instagram. One of the many fun hashtags out there. I'm all about this one and hope to post photo's with this theme every Tuesday!

 "Turquoise & anything Turquoise colored."

Saltwater, Floral & Free Winged Inspiration

Sophie in my custom designed Aqua Quartz Spike (Turquoise colored!) Mermaid Necklace. Photo: Sophie Iyla Eve from TheNordicBlonde.com

Turquoise is such a special gemstone. According to legend, Turquoise is a truth stone. Symbolizing a time to be honest with yourself. If you are still and see yourself as you truly are, how eye opening could that be?
Turquoise is said that it can help you better understand yourself and your ideas. It is also a protective gemstone and can enhance your communication skills. I also love that is can help in healing the spirit and soul (all information is according to folklore). Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones around and is very fashion forward. It's everywhere.

Turquoise Beauty. Handmade with Fine semi-precious gemstones & sterling silver. Marissa T Designs
Turquoise Beauty. Handmade with Fine Turquoise, Semi-Precious Gemstones & Sterling Silver. Marissa T.

All this blue turquoise makes me want to take a long dip in the ocean. The water is warm enough here. Well, warm enough for me. I am such a water person and I enjoy cold water. Do you? Like gemstones, the sea is so cleansing. I'm in need of a sea cleanse!

Photo Via Pinterest. Source Unknown. I really would live here. If I could...
I love more delicate luxe looking Turquoise styles like the bracelets above and I love beautiful bolder Trendy Turquoise Necklaces (like the ones I made below with juicy lemon quartz, agate, aqua quartz, and a natural seashell I found on one of my favorite beaches).
Aqua Turquoise, Aqua Spike Quartz, Sea Blue Agate Necklaces & Flowers from my Garden. Kai Candle being used as vase & Italian Shell Coaster from Starbucks.
Turquoise Beauty, Lemon Quartz, Aqua Spike & Sea Blue Agate Necklaces. Kai Candle being used as a vase. Turquoise Italian Shell Coaster by Starbucks.
Happy Turquoise Tuesday to you. I hope you have a beautiful day and a productive week.

Be Real. Be Kind. and above all else, Be Sparkly. 

Marissa xo

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beautiful Aqua Sea Quartz

Beautiful Aqua Sea Quartx

Hello Beautiful Readers,

My inspiration from my love of the sea & all natural elements continues to flourish everyday.

I envisioned the sea, natural elements, & a beautiful coastal bride (or anyone who wants loves a statement necklace) when I designed this stunning new necklace I just made! I love how the unique crystal quartz spikes vary in colors. It is a custom design I made for the beautiful Sophie Iyla Eve. Sophie looks stunning modeling it in the photo.

Sophie and I put each put our unique creativity together and have collaborated on Instagram.

Necklace By Marissa T Designs. Photo Credit & Model: Sophie Iyla Eve. TheNordicBlonde.com

Some beautiful close up photo's of the necklace. I have been making many of My "Mermaid Spike Necklaces," with these aqua crystal quartz. I envision endless waves of ocean beauty & lovely mermaids with long wavy hair. Sophie's kind spirit & beauty inspired me as well, she is a lovely person inside & outside. 

I will be making many of those & variations of this necklace. I love making custom orders as well. This gemstone is special because, according to folklore, among many things, crystal quartz enhances energy &  helps in manifesting, healing and protection. Due to its ability to balance, quartz is excellent for harmonizing one's environment. Quartz is a very powerful protective stone.  It can offer clarity to the wearer and clears away negative energy. 

I made this custom design with the Aqua blue crystal quartz, silver charms, freshwater pearls, turquoise nuggets on the extender & silver re-purposed stainless steel chain.

Being one who practices yoga & meditation, for mind, body & soul. I appreciate the healing  and metaphysical properties associated with crystal quartz. According to folklore, it is also known to enhance spiritual growth and inspire creativity.  

Marissa T Designs. Photo credit. Sophie Iyla Eve.
Some more variations of my "Mermaid Spike Necklaces."


Have a beautiful weekend.

Be Kind. Be Real. & above all else be sparkly.  xo Marissa

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flower Beauty & Jewelry to match

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Salt water.
and Free Winged Creatures.

Hello Beautiful Readers~

I'm obsessed with Hydrangea (these are from my garden) & peonies. There aren't too many girls who aren't as I've noticed the flood of gorgeous flower pictures on Instagram. I am right there with you girls. I am smitten with flowers of all colors.

The Jewelry I chose to wear in the photo above are all inspired by flowers and salt water! Fashionable Lavender Druzy with a Silver Spike & White Freshwater pearl (3 necklaces in one); and a large juicy Sea Green Fluorite (healing gemstone) & blue opal pendant necklace. (I'm wearing a Tahari shirt/ and Fila sunglasses as a headband).

Below is the Lavender Necklace close up with two other necklaces I've designed. Inspiration from not only flowers and the sea filled my soul for these, but, also beautiful free winged creatures.


I'll blog again about the modern Fluorite cube designs I'm making like the one above. I am wild about fluorite and it's natural beauty. A healing gemstone with the most beautiful natural hues of green, aqua green, sea blue and purple. Another photo of my hydrangea bouquet was needed below. It was huge! Bigger than my head and so very beautiful.

The Pitcher/Vase (Delft Blue, from Portugal) is from Tiffany. A wedding present from my sister. I always use it for floral bouquets.I Love Delft Blue.

These Necklaces (above) are also inspired by floral beauty. Rich jewel tones of Raspberry and Lavender. (you can click on photo to find them or go back to my website for more information).

Best for last! I'm offering another savings in my online Jewelry Shop for you. Save 20% in my shop. (Minimum purchase of $20 and cannot be combined with my personal gift certificates). Coupon code is: Sparkle15 ! If you have a chance to pick a flower, I hope that you do. Or support a local florist and buy a few blooms. 

Be Kind. Be Real and, yes, Be Sparkly. 

~Marissa T xo