Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beautiful Handmade Jewelry and Fair Trade!

Hello Lovely Readers~

I am excited to share with you that my handmade jewelry is now available at a special retail shop on Whidbey Island, called, "Fair Trade Outfitters."  A selection of my handmade one-of-a-kind (or *two-of-a-kind) gemstone necklaces can be found there!

These are two-of-a-kind handmade designs that I am so happy to share with you. (These exact two will be available in my online shop and the other two at "Fair Trade Outfitters.") I added an array of beautiful sea aqua colored gems in both necklaces. The top necklace has a heart-shaped pink chalcedony quartz and a crystal clear blue topaz dangling from the bottom. It is a very fun necklace filled with natural beauty, happy colors and semi-precious gemstones that give off good energy.  I named it "Pink Beach Party."
Available at MarissaTDesigns.com and Fair Trade Outfitters in Langley, WA. (Whidbey Island). 
The necklace below "Pink Beach Party," is such a real stunner! I call it "Mermaid Dream Necklace." I was inspired by all things sea- life related. I used fine moonstones that dangle like fringe at the bottom (the one at Fair Trade Outfitters has little aquamarine briolettes at the bottom of the moonstones). I used only the prettiest aqua and green colored gem; such as: aquamarine, pearl, fluorite, and amethyst. I wire-hand-wrapped all of with fine oxidized sterling silver wire and chain. 

The Fair Trade Outfitters on Whidbey Island is also where I have bought some pretty clothing! The shop is filled with wonderful women's fashion clothing by many different designers. If you are not familiar with the Fair Trade concept, let me share a little about it.  Products that have the "Fair Trade" logo "come from farmers and workers who are justly compensated. Child labor is prohibited and the fashions are also good for the planet! Many of the clothing have organic dyes and materials. So, you are not only helping people in other countries earn fair wages, you are also doing something amazing for our planet by supporting fair trade fashion. (*Fair Trade).

The shop also has these wonderful soaps (and other great gift items in addition to my beautiful jewelry). I just bought a handmade soap bar (in the picture above) by the company Hand in Hand.  For every purchase from Hand in Hand, a child in Haiti (or a child in need) gets one month supply of water and a bar of soap. They have many fragrances. I bought Rose Water and smells like flowers!

Why stop there! Some of the other Marissa T Design necklaces in the shop are One-of-A-Kinds (*see below). A hand carved Ocean Agate Fish that I added many lovely clear quartz and some aquamarine too the (*recycled) stainless steel chain. The second necklace matches it but can be purchased separately. It is the top one that looks like sparkly diamonds (I added silver charms and the smooth clear crystal quartz briolettes to it). It adds the perfect light and sparkle to your face and goes so well with many of the wonderful tops and T shirts available in the shop.

I created a one-of-a-kind boho chic freshwater coin pearl (is the center necklace below) and shell necklace I collected the seashell from one of my favorite beaches on Whidbey Island. (Any shells I re-purpose in designs have been properly sanitized). You are not only getting one of my handmade pieces but literally, a piece of our island too.

I also really love creating personalized, monogrammed and hand-stamped jewelry! I have been (and will be) adding many more hand-stamped selections to my online shop. I created two custom (one-of-a-kind pieces for Fair Trade Outfitters). Here is a better look at one. I hand stamped "Whidbey" on both of them. If you love Whidbey Island and want to remember it forever, this would be the perfect piece for you or a gift for a local!

One thing I do in many of my designs, is add extra gemstones (so you get two or three necklaces in one). Both "Whidbey" Necklaces have aqua and lavender chalcedony briolettes added to them. You can take them off or wear both. They are two necklaces in one. I will be offering an array of hand stamped pieces in my online shop (I love custom orders and working closely with my online customers to make sure they are absolutely thrilled with their purchases).

So if you happen to visit beautiful Whidbey Island this summer, you know where to shop fashions and some of my unique one of a kind handmade jewelry pieces.  Shop Fair Trade Outfitters in downtown Langley and I always invite you to come visit me at Marissa T Designs. 

Be Real. Be Kind. Above all else be Sparkly.