Thursday, October 15, 2015

Aqua Beauties & Fashon Blogging..

Hi Beautiful Readers,

I've been very busy making jewelry! Big surprise, huh!? I have so many beautiful pieces I want to share with you.  I'm an up and coming lifestyle blogger who blogs about accessories (let's face it, we can't live without them) my jewelry creations, what inspires me creatively (this list is pretty big), island life (my husband and I have only lived on an island in the Pacific North West 11 months and there is so much beauty to share); exercise, and fashion (to name a few).
I'm a Lifestyle blogger who sometimes posts as a fashion blogger.. Jewelry and fashion go hand in hand. I love clothes and I love fashion. I met this very fashion savvy woman, Kara, Whimsysoul, and we put our fashion and jewelry heads together for a fun collaboration.

It's fabulous through my jewelry designing, to meet new and fashion forward women like Kara. Check out Kara's style. She is a Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger living in San Francisco. She is just a a cool chick and I love her vibe. Here, she is wearing one of my beautiful aqua druzy bar necklaces. 

Kara, from WhimsySoul rocking one of my gorgeous aqua blue bar druzy gemstone necklaces.
I love gemstones of all colors. However, my absolutely favorite colors are shades of blue. I am sure you noticed that by now. I am always on the hunt for beautiful shades of blue and these aqua blue colored druzy bar gemstones are not easy to find. They are stunning and the perfect every day necklace. They make wonderful layering pieces and are lovely for evening looks as well.  I have more druzy bar gemstone necklaces and gorgeous natural crystal quartz pieces coming to the shop soon.  I just want to dive in. Remind me of a warm tropical beach. Delicious neck candy that I almost want to take a bite of (wink).

Crystal quartz is a such a beautiful gemstone to work with and a powerful gemstone too. 
I love earrings of all sizes. Petite studs. Short and long dangles. Hoops. The best part about jewelry is that you can mix and match and wear something new every day to compliment your fashion. 
Kara looks amazing in my long stylish dangle mermaid quartz earrings. I made these with aqua quartz, natural crystal quartz, and freshwater silver coin pearls. Sterling Silver wire and posts. They look so pretty with the black floral dress she has on in the next couple photos.

I love sunny bright jewels too. They add light and sparkle to your face. Big juicy lemon quartz reminds me of the sun and my sunny yellow quartz (minimalist design) necklace shines on Kara. For more about Kara and her style. Please visit her at WhimsySoul. All photographs of Kara courtesy of the WhimsySoul.

Love that you are here. Thank you for reading.
Be Well. Be Real and above all else. Be Sparkly.
Marissa xo