Sunday, December 6, 2015

Some Simple Things to De-Stress & Gift Ideas!

Hello Beautiful Readers,

I wanted to share a few things that I do to help me relax during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! There is so much going on this time of the year! Most of us are running around shopping for presents, decorating our homes and trimming the Christmas tree (or for you it may be Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, or whatever your special holiday celebration may be). I love doing all those festive things, however, it can get overwhelming if you over do it.  Don't you think?

One great way for me to unwind is simply, light a few candles, burn some incense (I do not burn them often. On occasion it is an enjoyable and soothing thing for me to do. I enjoy sandalwood by Gonesh Sticks/, and use my favorite lavender oil (from the Whidey Island Lavender Wind Farm). It is an amazing oil that is made on the island's natural Lavender Farm. It is a wonderful oil to use if you are giving someone a little neck and back rub too. However, you can give yourself a little mini spa and massage treatment all on your own (If you meditate, I think this is a nice and gentle way to help relax you and get ready for your meditation).

 I use the oil generously and massage it into my temples (while inhaling the therapeutic, relaxing and delicious aroma of the natural oil), my neck, (my whole d├ęcolletage), my shoulders, and into my hair too. I finish by massaging it into my hands (it leaves my skin very soft). I am mindful of my breathing while I do this too. I take several deep cleansing breathes, inhaling deeply and holding it a few seconds and then exhaling it all out (Breathing sounds like such a simple thing to do. I think some of us may forget {myself included} to take a few deep breathes and really fill our chest and abdomen with air). I learned deep breathing in yoga. The more you practice, the more beneficial it becomes.
Some of my Pretty Jewelry Creations, Immune Booster, Massage Oil/Lavender Wind & my favorite hand and body cream by K. Hall Designs (sold online as well at
Yoga! Another one of my favorite things in the world and one of the ways I unwind (and work out). I go to yoga classes on the island about once or twice a week. I love blogging about it because I love what yoga does for me and who knows, if you try it, you may love what it does for you too.

If you are too busy to get to a yoga class, let me share this great little deck of cards I have. You can get a yoga mat and just try a few poses at home. Something I do to unwind for about 10 minutes. Sit on your mat (play some soothing music in the background if you want to) and try a few gentle poses. I bought this great card deck (see below/click on it to check it out/great gift for about $10)  from Barnes and Noble many years ago. It gives you 50 yoga exercises you can do on your own and breaks down the cards into four sections, *exercise, *health, *stress relief and relaxation, and *mind and spirit. So, you can teach yourself!

What else do I do to unwind this time of the year? I like to play with my gemstones (well really, I just sort them and arrange them while I am working on new jewelry designs). Recently I made a gemstone mandala with some of the gemstones in my stock. I thought it came out so pretty I had to photograph it and share on social media. I hope you think it is pretty too.

I was feeling inspired by the meaning of mandala. Mandala means Circle. They are circular designs that symbolize the idea that life continues on. The Hindus were some of the first people to use mandala in a spiritual way. However, Mandalas designs we see today are the ones made by Buddhists. This is my sparkly mandala. The necklace in the center will be listed in my shop very soon. I have others like it with silver sparkle and beautiful druzy gemstones.

Enjoy 15% off all my Jewelry now until Dec. 25. with the code: IslandGirl5
Enjoy 15% off all my jewelry now until Dec. 25th! With Code: IslandGirl5

The Mandala reminds us that we are connected to more than just our bodies. With that said, it can be seen through the earth, sun and moon. I also love the meaning of how they can be seen in more obvious important, "circles," such as, friends, family and communities. 

My mandala has two of my passions. Gemstones and the sea. I found those two cute little cone shaped shells on a nearby beach. I enjoy using shells in my jewelry photography as well as in some of my jewelry designs. I love color and chose many gemstones I have that are colors of the sea, sky, and nature. I find it so remarkable that all these natural gemstones come from mother nature.

I will leave you with one more thing I do to unwind (whether it be during the holiday season or just to workout and stay fit, and be healthier) is put on my music player and go outside and walk! Even if you have only 10 minutes. I find that it can be so relaxing to just get outdoors, walk briskly, and soak up the simple and beautiful surroundings!

I hope I have inspired you to take 5 or 10 minutes out of your day for yourself and do something that makes you happy and may help you unwind. That way you can recharge yourself for all the important daily tasks and goals that lay ahead.

Be well. Be Real. and above all else. Be Sparkly.

With love and kindness,

Marissa xo

Friday, November 13, 2015

Jewelry Layers; Fall Fashion!

Hello Beautiful Readers,

I love this time of year when the leaves are changing colors. It is awesome to see the leaves change colors in the Pacific Northwest too! As you know, I used to live in Massachusetts not long ago (just a year now) and the foliage is gorgeous there. To my surprise, we have some really pretty foliage here on the island too! Transitioning into fall is fun, especially when it comes to picking out new jewelry to wear; layering necklaces; scarves; sweaters; boots; and pretty coats! 

I met a fashion blogger on InstagramJess, from ElegantlyDressedandStylish and we put our fashion and jewelry beauty together and decided to do a fun collaboration. It is all about the accessories for that special outfit. From a beautiful handmade dazzling gemstone necklace to a sparkling statement necklace set!

I have a new collection of layering sets consisting of many one-of-a-kind necklaces. This is the New Demin Druzy and Aqua Kyanite three layering necklaces, I made with Jess's beautiful style in mind.

I selected the druzy gemstones and designed the look for a very elegant and boho luxe look. I have several new boho glam necklaces and sets as well. Many have these fabulous diamond cut silver beads and different colorful semi-precious gemstones. I love to layer not only clothes, but, jewelry as well! Layer layer layer!

I love purple and dark blue together. Jess's outfit choice could not have been any prettier. I love her Banana Republic sweater dress in that beautiful aubergine (eggplant) rich purple color.  

Jess is rocking these necklaces with her stunning red hair and long neck (She reminds me of Nicole Kidman).

I really enjoy the versatility of the necklaces I made, and I know Jess appreciates that too. She can wear one, two, or all three! They are really pretty for day or night. She can mix and match with other silver pieces she may have as well. Here are some more designs I have made in my Boho Glam Collection.

This is a custom design (below) I made for a beautiful woman (blue howlite with zircon pave pendant, black onyx, silver beads and an aqua blue opal on the shorter necklace). I love custom orders. I will have another necklace with a turquoise pave gemstone in the shop soon. 

Here is the whole beautiful outfit Jess chose to wear with my Demin Blue Druzy Necklaces.
For all of the great outfit details please visit Jess at ElegantlyDressedandStylish

 I love the leaves in the backdrop! Those are the cutest grey tights! Don't you think? 

Be Real. Be Kind. and Above all else. Be Sparkly,

Marissa xo

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Transition, Energy & Turuquoise blues..

Hello Lovely Readers~

This post is all about energy. Energy connected to a making a lifestyle transition. Energy connected to jewelry! Creating positive energy in your life!

It is almost our one year anniversary that my husband, Daniel and I changed our whole lives around and moved from the East Coast (literally the tip of it. North of Boston-Massachusetts) to the Pacific North West (literally the edge of it. Well, off of it, on an island)! 

We live on a beautiful island (near Alaska and about 2 hours from the city of Seattle) in Washington! Talk about a huge lifestyle change! We are both pursuing our dreams, living the lives we want to live (with the mindset, you should go after your dreams, you've got only one shot at this thing called life, so you better make it count).

Sometimes that isn't always an easy thing to do. I can tell you with experience, it takes a tremendous amount of patience, trust, planning, gumption, teamwork, and faith.  We are both starting new businesses and wanted to live back on the "west" coast. (My husband and I actually met on the west coast, and lived there a long time. I'm originally from sunny California). So, why the heck did we move all the way to the greater Boston area, you may ask! Work brought us there. It was meant to be and we made the most of it while we were in Boston. I believe in fate. We got married North of Boston, bought our first home, adopted our dog (which we still have;,we had a lot of incredibly beautiful memories there that we are extremely grateful for.

The East coast is a gorgeous place with so much to offer. However, with that said, we also had had enough of the harsh winters, not to mention an overly populated coastal town (with more of a bedroom community). We both left steady careers to pursue our passions. Mine is jewelry! I only just started my venture with my online business (although I have been making jewelry for at least 10 years) this past summer and I have never looked back. I am so excited at all the new opportunities I have already had with my jewelry creations.
Here is a peak at my new collection I  call, Beach Boholuxe Glam Necklaces. They are sprinkled with shiny silver and turquoise, aqua blue, and druzy too (Many are One-Of-A-kind Necklaces). Two of the necklaces below have druzy gemstones. The Druzy Gemstone is all about ENERGY. It gives off strength, energy and helps clear the mind.

I love working with gemstones that give off energy, clarity and light (I really love all gemstones. A lot of druzy {or drusy} is calling out my name these days. The energy, beauty and sparkle draws me in.

While we are still transitioning into our new lives; we are still learning to adjust to the changes (some big and some little) that come our way. Not all changes are easy to make. Especially a huge lifestyle change like moving from one coast to another completely different coast. Sometimes we have to (my husband, Daniel and I) deal with the changes one day at a time. We also have experience doing this, because we moved from California (way back when) to Boston! (Some how certian things can be a little easier when you are in your twenties though, like we were then).

A wonderful (for us) way to deal with change and transition is: exercise! We often exercise outdoors and take advantage of our gorgeous new surroundings. Nothing feels better than a brisk power walk along the beach or on a fun hiking trail. Connecting with the outdoors is huge for us. We are big nature lovers. So, when we have time, (or sometimes, we just make the time) we get outdoors and breathe.

Another way to help with the transition is learning about the community and finding our niche. We have met so many wonderful locals. I sold my jewelry at an artisan market all summer long (and into fall) and it was a wonderful way (not only to jump start my jewelry business), but, to meet many interesting and wonderful new people in the community (and a lot of very friendly tourists as well). I loved meeting and socializing with so many new faces! My next goal was to join a volunteer organization. I have already joined one and plan on donating some of my time to helping this organization out.

More of my beach boholuxe necklaces. The top two you will see again soon when I do a blog post on a beautiful fashion blogger who will be wearing these beauties.  The bottom necklace is a dreamy one of a kind aqua blue natural onyx agate (in my shop). Agate is another gemstone I adore. It comes in so many remarkable natural varieties. Agate is also an energy gemstone. Legend also says that it can be calming gemstone and help you be more focused.
 One last thought on making transitions and dealing with big lifestyle change. Give yoga a try! Your body may surprise you! I have blogged about my LOVE for yoga in the past. I have started practicing yoga more regularly here on the island. It creates the best energy for my body, mind and spirit. I cannot tell you enough how much yoga has been a huge benefit to my life over the last year! 

The next photo I want to share gives you a pretty peek of the third necklace (all the wonderful demin blue druzy gemstones) you will see modeled on a fashion blogger soon. I love custom orders. (The other two necklaces, one boholuxe beach moonstone beauty and other other amethyst druzy slice are coming soon).
*I cannot leave you without mentioning that November will be full of FUN surprises & special promotions and  in my jewelry shop!*  It must be all that yoga I am doing! My energy is geared up and I excited to share specials with all of you.

 I am offering a special PROMOTION PRICE on these gorgeous (crystal quartz, one of the most powerful gemstones that give off light and energy) natural crystal quartz necklaces (below) with sparkling zircon pave (Very limited quantity. $25 each only). They make a fabulous Christmas gift.

Feel free to send me questions on my website or here on my blog about this post or any of the jewelry you see. Thank you for being here! I am sending out positive energy your way! 

Be Real. Be Kind. And above all else. Be Sparkly.

~Marissa xo

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Aqua Beauties & Fashon Blogging..

Hi Beautiful Readers,

I've been very busy making jewelry! Big surprise, huh!? I have so many beautiful pieces I want to share with you.  I'm an up and coming lifestyle blogger who blogs about accessories (let's face it, we can't live without them) my jewelry creations, what inspires me creatively (this list is pretty big), island life (my husband and I have only lived on an island in the Pacific North West 11 months and there is so much beauty to share); exercise, and fashion (to name a few).
I'm a Lifestyle blogger who sometimes posts as a fashion blogger.. Jewelry and fashion go hand in hand. I love clothes and I love fashion. I met this very fashion savvy woman, Kara, Whimsysoul, and we put our fashion and jewelry heads together for a fun collaboration.

It's fabulous through my jewelry designing, to meet new and fashion forward women like Kara. Check out Kara's style. She is a Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger living in San Francisco. She is just a a cool chick and I love her vibe. Here, she is wearing one of my beautiful aqua druzy bar necklaces. 

Kara, from WhimsySoul rocking one of my gorgeous aqua blue bar druzy gemstone necklaces.
I love gemstones of all colors. However, my absolutely favorite colors are shades of blue. I am sure you noticed that by now. I am always on the hunt for beautiful shades of blue and these aqua blue colored druzy bar gemstones are not easy to find. They are stunning and the perfect every day necklace. They make wonderful layering pieces and are lovely for evening looks as well.  I have more druzy bar gemstone necklaces and gorgeous natural crystal quartz pieces coming to the shop soon.  I just want to dive in. Remind me of a warm tropical beach. Delicious neck candy that I almost want to take a bite of (wink).

Crystal quartz is a such a beautiful gemstone to work with and a powerful gemstone too. 
I love earrings of all sizes. Petite studs. Short and long dangles. Hoops. The best part about jewelry is that you can mix and match and wear something new every day to compliment your fashion. 
Kara looks amazing in my long stylish dangle mermaid quartz earrings. I made these with aqua quartz, natural crystal quartz, and freshwater silver coin pearls. Sterling Silver wire and posts. They look so pretty with the black floral dress she has on in the next couple photos.

I love sunny bright jewels too. They add light and sparkle to your face. Big juicy lemon quartz reminds me of the sun and my sunny yellow quartz (minimalist design) necklace shines on Kara. For more about Kara and her style. Please visit her at WhimsySoul. All photographs of Kara courtesy of the WhimsySoul.

Love that you are here. Thank you for reading.
Be Well. Be Real and above all else. Be Sparkly.
Marissa xo

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sea Green Beauty, Blueberry Goodness & Jewelry Savings!

Hello Beautiful Readers,

I enjoy sharing my love of exercise and a healthy lifestyle! It goes hand in hand with "beauty," because the more beautiful you feel on the inside (mentally and physically) the more you will radiate beauty on the outside! Your jewelry and other fabulous accessories will highlight your beauty in the best way!

I think it's so important to eat well (of course I snack on candy and treat myself to desserts. Everything in moderation. Am I right). I love Thursdays because it's our farm share day. It was fun to go pick up our last share a few days ago from our local CSA. (The farm we belong to is Ebb Tide in Washington). 
I made the most delicious juice drink with a batch of their organic blueberries and other beautiful fruit.

The recipe for the delicious Blueberry Juice above is:

I use a great Juicer (by Cuisinart)

All fruit is organic thanks to our farm share. If you can get organic, I recommend it.
A box of blueberries (you decide on the amount),
A  grapefruit,
Two juicy red apples (any variety),
Several stalks of celery,
A couple pieces of carrots,
Two large cucumbers,
and a nice amount of fresh ginger
(peeled for my juicer/the ginger is store bought, but, is one of my favorite ingredients in most of my healthy juices because it adds a wonderful zest of sweetness)

I poured it in my favorite new glasses (by Kai in Malibu, California). I say new, because Kai makes the most beautifully scented candles and I received a couple as gifts. After I finished burning through them the candle holder makes the greatest drinking glass.

Here is a close up of a new beautiful Fluorite Necklace I made. It's the main one in the photo above. I purposely put a new fluorite design with the fruit juice picture because this gorgeous natural sea green fluorite is all about healing. It is a huge faceted beauty, about 10 carats. It looks like a gorgeous fine emerald and without the emerald price. Fluorite is one of my favorite semi precious gemstones I use in my designs, not only because of its natural beautiful sea green color (it comes in purple, aquas and very pale green too), but, because of the vast array of healing properties associated with it.

Fluorite is spectacular in color and it's amazing properties (mental, emotional) is said to bring peace to the wearer. It can also enhance clarity. Which also means it can help (the person who wears it) bring a wiser more balanced view of life and help making big decisions. According to folklore, it can improve learning for anyone and help enhance focus and concentration. It is a truly beautiful stone that is said to also calm and relieve anxiety, tension and stress. Simply, it can create more harmony in your life and bring more self love (Please know, that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or health care information). I have a pair of flower shaped natural green fluorite earrings I wear all the time. It is like wearing a piece of the sea all the time and I would like to think it inspires creativity!

All this beautiful sea green makes me want to swim in a lake or the sea and drink a lot of pure water. 

I wish you a healthy and sparkly week ahead.

*I'm offering a Labor day Savings in my online Jewelry shop. 10% off everything until September 25, 2015. The coupon code is : BeachGirl .

Be Well. Be Kind. Be You. (& yes, be Sparkly)

Marissa  xo

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jewelry Contest Winners & Turquoise Love.....

Hello Lovely Readers,

Thank you so much Beautiful Readers for entering my Free Gift Certificate ($25 each) Giveaway!

I already contacted the winners directly the evening the contest finished and the lovely ladies know who they are! Congratulations beautiful girls and I look forward to you finding a piece of my handmade jewelry you love & that speaks to you, from my online jewelry shop.

Thank you again, all of you who entered on my Instagram for the Giveaway, for following me, & giving me support! You're wonderful.

 Follow me on Instagram for more fun surprises to come & see what inspires me. I hope to inspire you.

It was such a pleasure to team up with the beautiful artist, Sophie Iyla Eve, for my Free Giveaway Contest, who is wearing the custom designed aqua quartz spike necklace I made two photo's below. 

Today is Turquoise Tuesday on Instagram. One of the many fun hashtags out there. I'm all about this one and hope to post photo's with this theme every Tuesday!

 "Turquoise & anything Turquoise colored."

Saltwater, Floral & Free Winged Inspiration

Sophie in my custom designed Aqua Quartz Spike (Turquoise colored!) Mermaid Necklace. Photo: Sophie Iyla Eve from

Turquoise is such a special gemstone. According to legend, Turquoise is a truth stone. Symbolizing a time to be honest with yourself. If you are still and see yourself as you truly are, how eye opening could that be?
Turquoise is said that it can help you better understand yourself and your ideas. It is also a protective gemstone and can enhance your communication skills. I also love that is can help in healing the spirit and soul (all information is according to folklore). Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones around and is very fashion forward. It's everywhere.

Turquoise Beauty. Handmade with Fine semi-precious gemstones & sterling silver. Marissa T Designs
Turquoise Beauty. Handmade with Fine Turquoise, Semi-Precious Gemstones & Sterling Silver. Marissa T.

All this blue turquoise makes me want to take a long dip in the ocean. The water is warm enough here. Well, warm enough for me. I am such a water person and I enjoy cold water. Do you? Like gemstones, the sea is so cleansing. I'm in need of a sea cleanse!

Photo Via Pinterest. Source Unknown. I really would live here. If I could...
I love more delicate luxe looking Turquoise styles like the bracelets above and I love beautiful bolder Trendy Turquoise Necklaces (like the ones I made below with juicy lemon quartz, agate, aqua quartz, and a natural seashell I found on one of my favorite beaches).
Aqua Turquoise, Aqua Spike Quartz, Sea Blue Agate Necklaces & Flowers from my Garden. Kai Candle being used as vase & Italian Shell Coaster from Starbucks.
Turquoise Beauty, Lemon Quartz, Aqua Spike & Sea Blue Agate Necklaces. Kai Candle being used as a vase. Turquoise Italian Shell Coaster by Starbucks.
Happy Turquoise Tuesday to you. I hope you have a beautiful day and a productive week.

Be Real. Be Kind. and above all else, Be Sparkly. 

Marissa xo

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beautiful Aqua Sea Quartz

Beautiful Aqua Sea Quartx

Hello Beautiful Readers,

My inspiration from my love of the sea & all natural elements continues to flourish everyday.

I envisioned the sea, natural elements, & a beautiful coastal bride (or anyone who wants loves a statement necklace) when I designed this stunning new necklace I just made! I love how the unique crystal quartz spikes vary in colors. It is a custom design I made for the beautiful Sophie Iyla Eve. Sophie looks stunning modeling it in the photo.

Sophie and I put each put our unique creativity together and have collaborated on Instagram.

Necklace By Marissa T Designs. Photo Credit & Model: Sophie Iyla Eve.

Some beautiful close up photo's of the necklace. I have been making many of My "Mermaid Spike Necklaces," with these aqua crystal quartz. I envision endless waves of ocean beauty & lovely mermaids with long wavy hair. Sophie's kind spirit & beauty inspired me as well, she is a lovely person inside & outside. 

I will be making many of those & variations of this necklace. I love making custom orders as well. This gemstone is special because, according to folklore, among many things, crystal quartz enhances energy &  helps in manifesting, healing and protection. Due to its ability to balance, quartz is excellent for harmonizing one's environment. Quartz is a very powerful protective stone.  It can offer clarity to the wearer and clears away negative energy. 

I made this custom design with the Aqua blue crystal quartz, silver charms, freshwater pearls, turquoise nuggets on the extender & silver re-purposed stainless steel chain.

Being one who practices yoga & meditation, for mind, body & soul. I appreciate the healing  and metaphysical properties associated with crystal quartz. According to folklore, it is also known to enhance spiritual growth and inspire creativity.  

Marissa T Designs. Photo credit. Sophie Iyla Eve.
Some more variations of my "Mermaid Spike Necklaces."


Have a beautiful weekend.

Be Kind. Be Real. & above all else be sparkly.  xo Marissa

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flower Beauty & Jewelry to match

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Salt water.
and Free Winged Creatures.

Hello Beautiful Readers~

I'm obsessed with Hydrangea (these are from my garden) & peonies. There aren't too many girls who aren't as I've noticed the flood of gorgeous flower pictures on Instagram. I am right there with you girls. I am smitten with flowers of all colors.

The Jewelry I chose to wear in the photo above are all inspired by flowers and salt water! Fashionable Lavender Druzy with a Silver Spike & White Freshwater pearl (3 necklaces in one); and a large juicy Sea Green Fluorite (healing gemstone) & blue opal pendant necklace. (I'm wearing a Tahari shirt/ and Fila sunglasses as a headband).

Below is the Lavender Necklace close up with two other necklaces I've designed. Inspiration from not only flowers and the sea filled my soul for these, but, also beautiful free winged creatures.

I'll blog again about the modern Fluorite cube designs I'm making like the one above. I am wild about fluorite and it's natural beauty. A healing gemstone with the most beautiful natural hues of green, aqua green, sea blue and purple. Another photo of my hydrangea bouquet was needed below. It was huge! Bigger than my head and so very beautiful.

The Pitcher/Vase (Delft Blue, from Portugal) is from Tiffany. A wedding present from my sister. I always use it for floral bouquets.I Love Delft Blue.
These Necklaces (above) are also inspired by floral beauty. Rich jewel tones of Raspberry and Lavender. (you can click on photo to find them or go back to my website for more information).

Best for last! I'm offering another savings in my online Jewelry Shop for you. Save 20% in my shop. (Minimum purchase of $20 and cannot be combined with my personal gift certificates). Coupon code is: Sparkle15 ! If you have a chance to pick a flower, I hope that you do. Or support a local florist and buy a few blooms. 

Be Kind. Be Real and, yes, Be Sparkly. 

~Marissa T xo

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sparkle During Exercise, Purple Flowers & Pink Drinks!

Greetings Beautiful Readers~   (There is a surprise at the end of the keep on reading)

Summer is in full swing and I hope you have been having an awesome summer so far! On some days I feel like I live in California again. (I am originally from Southern California and lived there through college, before I moved to the east coast). Well, it feels a bit like California because we have had some very warm days in coastal Washington (on the island I live on)!  I still have to get out there and exercise; so it is a must to stay hydrated! I drink at least 8 glasses of purified water a day (always been a big water drinker). After water, I have been drinking a lot of this delicious flavored water beverage.  It comes in many pretty berry flavors, zero calories (my kind of drink). My favorite these days is the "Pink Grapefruit." Great for parties! In addition to your cocktail bar, this would be a refreshing non-alcoholic drink (for the kids too) for a fun summer outing. The colors are beautiful.
Pink Drink, "Cascade Ice." Nail polish mentioned in next photo. Because I adore turquoise! and jewelry (& photo) well, you guessed it, by, me!

 Staying cool is essential and it's not always easy to look good while doing it! I dressed up my wrist (arm party) with my yoga & beach bracelets. They are so easy to put on and look fabulous with practically everything. I recently posted on instagram (the next picture below) and mentioned how awesome these bracelets are and how I literally throw on one or two (& a cute necklace, really, I do) before I head out to power walk (I wouldn't recommend all my handmade jewelry when exercising, but, the yoga and beach bracelets & many of my necklaces with stainless steel chain are perfect for MELLOW exercise). 

There is nothing like the feel of real (of the earth) organic gemstones on your skin. Real gemstones have such vibrancy and wonderful healing properties (according to folklore). Let's face it, they are really fun to look at and add beauty to your style, and pretty self.  I wear a lot of casual clothes (don't get me wrong, I LOVE fashion and beautiful clothes {affordable however, sales are this girls' best friend}) around the island; so adding a beautiful necklace (or two, or three) and some bracelets to my outfits really feels good & adds that extra sparkle. Do you always grab some jewelry before you leave the house (like I do)? A lot of the women I see on this island have wonderful taste in jewelry and wear it daily! I love that.

Jewelry & photography by me, Marissa T Designs. My favorite sneakers for power walks these days are, New Balance, and I'm in love with this turquoise nail polish called "Brisk Blue," by Sally Hansen. (Those lace cap hydrangea are so beautiful and blooming in my backyard)

I'm in love with all the purple, blue, and pink hydrangea growing on the island right now (not to mention the lavender & lilies). All the beautiful hydrangea in the pictures are from my home garden. They really make a statement (don't you think?) and have always been my favorite flower (it is a toss up between hydrangea and peonies). I think they may be upstaging my new necklaces (in the picture below)! wink wink. These necklaces (Druzy Quartz, Silver Spike and Circle Love Necklaces, coming to my etsy shop soon) are strung on beautiful silver stainless steel which looks like platinum, will never tarnish, and has the durability for, yes, you guessed it, power walking or mellow exercise!

I love the purple & blue palette. Here are the colors of my hydrangea flowers (the best flowers to have around the house). They are very hardy. They grew in abundance on the east coast and thrive out here in the Pacific North West. Great flower to plant! They will give you many lovely bouquets and dress up your garden beautifully!

Signing off for now. Here I am (below/Purple Druzy with Aqua Spike Quartz Necklace & Caribbean Aqua Blue Apatite Petite Earrings, available in my shop) giving you a smile, because I am happy that you are here. Send me inquiries or ask me product or jewelry questions anytime.

Thank you so much for following me. 

"Stay real. Be Kind. And above all else, Be Sparkly."

~Marissa xo

COUPON CODE! Coupon code going on now in my etsy shop! Code : BeSparkly15 (use during checkout). *****Take 20% off anything in my Etsy store ($20 minimum purchase). ***** See anything here you want (and it's not in my shop yet)? Message me on Etsy, Direct message me on Instagram, @MarissaTDesigns,  or feel free to leave me a message here!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saltwater & Gemstone Blues... Endless Shades of Blue Beauty....

Hi Lovely Readers~

"The ocean is a symbol of freedom, beauty and finding inner strength." Marissa T.

The color of the sea and sky are the most beautiful colors in the world. I love how they change patterns and color throughout the day. Isn't nature remarkable? Sometimes, when I'm out power walking, all I need to do is look out to the sea or look up, and I feel the creative inspiration start to flow. Does that happen to you? The color of the ocean is divine and all the shades of blue make me swoon. Really. Check out this latest picture I snapped while out getting some exercise and vitamin D.

Can you spot the beautiful seal? Every now and again seals pop up around here, and it is so fun to watch them frolic. They remind me of my Labrador Retriever, Morgan, who used to swim in sea a lot (bobbing his happy head up and down in the salty sea).

The metallic glow of the healing saltwater just lifts me up and makes me think of all the gorgeous blue gemstones I want to use in my next jewelry creations.

Saltwater & sea life inspired (I call these new necklaces I made below, Mermaid Aqua Spike Necklaces. I am making a lot of different combinations with freshwater pearls, clear crystal quartz, sea foam amazonite & that lovely teal aqua spike quartz, more to come). 

The sea is not only incredibly beautiful in all its vibrant changing shades of blue, but, also very healing. Like the sea, gemstones can be very healing as well. I enjoy researching the healing elements of gemstones and have been doing so since I started making jewelry (more than 10 year ago). Quartz, which comes in many colors, (like these fashionable aqua spikes) is a very healing stone. Folklore says, quartz is associated with power, energy and clarity. 

Quartz and the Sea, what a gorgeous combination. Don't you think so?

Mermaid Aqua Spike Necklaces.

 There are birds and sea life all around me in the Pacific North West. I found an otter in this gorgeous spot below (I am so often taken aback by the beauty all around me on this island).  The beauty, my deep fascination and love for nature keeps me endlessly inspired when I am creating my jewelry. I love sharing with you why I do what I do and how it fuels the creative fire inside of me. What fuels your fire? 
The triple gemstone necklace below is the beautiful gemstone Kyanite, which comes in all these fabulous natural shades of blue. I see the metallic blue water and the ever changing color of the ocean, in this gemstone. Kyanite comes from the Greek word meaning, Blue. According to folklore, it is said to aid in aligning all your energy fields (chakras) and is a by far, one of the most healing semi-precious gemstones on the planet. Whether you believe in the folklore, it's a fabulous gemstone to wear!

Triple Kyanite Necklace

I definitely think I was a mermaid or sea creature in a past life. I love the myth of the mermaid and have always been fascinated by them. I loved playing "mermaid when I was a little girl, swimming in my parents' pool. I do not think there are too many little girls who do not want to be a mermaid or pretend to be at some point in their youth! Right! If you found me snorkeling somewhere, I may be sloshing around and daydreaming about my flippers being a tail.

I found this beautiful mermaid painting by artist, Lucy D. Ream, and had to share it with you. Isn't it stunning? As a creative artist, (trying to find my way in a brand new environment). I am in awe of the raw natural beauty all around me and it motivates me to keep plunging in, eyes wide open, as a jewelry designer & maker.
Artist, Lucy D Ream

If you have any questions on any of my jewelry pieces or want to share how the sea inspire you, I would love to hear from you. 

"Be Real. Be Kind & above all else Be Sparkly,"

Marissa T. XO