Sunday, December 6, 2015

Some Simple Things to De-Stress & Gift Ideas!

Hello Beautiful Readers,

I wanted to share a few things that I do to help me relax during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! There is so much going on this time of the year! Most of us are running around shopping for presents, decorating our homes and trimming the Christmas tree (or for you it may be Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, or whatever your special holiday celebration may be). I love doing all those festive things, however, it can get overwhelming if you over do it.  Don't you think?

One great way for me to unwind is simply, light a few candles, burn some incense (I do not burn them often. On occasion it is an enjoyable and soothing thing for me to do. I enjoy sandalwood by Gonesh Sticks/, and use my favorite lavender oil (from the Whidey Island Lavender Wind Farm). It is an amazing oil that is made on the island's natural Lavender Farm. It is a wonderful oil to use if you are giving someone a little neck and back rub too. However, you can give yourself a little mini spa and massage treatment all on your own (If you meditate, I think this is a nice and gentle way to help relax you and get ready for your meditation).

 I use the oil generously and massage it into my temples (while inhaling the therapeutic, relaxing and delicious aroma of the natural oil), my neck, (my whole d├ęcolletage), my shoulders, and into my hair too. I finish by massaging it into my hands (it leaves my skin very soft). I am mindful of my breathing while I do this too. I take several deep cleansing breathes, inhaling deeply and holding it a few seconds and then exhaling it all out (Breathing sounds like such a simple thing to do. I think some of us may forget {myself included} to take a few deep breathes and really fill our chest and abdomen with air). I learned deep breathing in yoga. The more you practice, the more beneficial it becomes.
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Yoga! Another one of my favorite things in the world and one of the ways I unwind (and work out). I go to yoga classes on the island about once or twice a week. I love blogging about it because I love what yoga does for me and who knows, if you try it, you may love what it does for you too.

If you are too busy to get to a yoga class, let me share this great little deck of cards I have. You can get a yoga mat and just try a few poses at home. Something I do to unwind for about 10 minutes. Sit on your mat (play some soothing music in the background if you want to) and try a few gentle poses. I bought this great card deck (see below/click on it to check it out/great gift for about $10)  from Barnes and Noble many years ago. It gives you 50 yoga exercises you can do on your own and breaks down the cards into four sections, *exercise, *health, *stress relief and relaxation, and *mind and spirit. So, you can teach yourself!

What else do I do to unwind this time of the year? I like to play with my gemstones (well really, I just sort them and arrange them while I am working on new jewelry designs). Recently I made a gemstone mandala with some of the gemstones in my stock. I thought it came out so pretty I had to photograph it and share on social media. I hope you think it is pretty too.

I was feeling inspired by the meaning of mandala. Mandala means Circle. They are circular designs that symbolize the idea that life continues on. The Hindus were some of the first people to use mandala in a spiritual way. However, Mandalas designs we see today are the ones made by Buddhists. This is my sparkly mandala. The necklace in the center will be listed in my shop very soon. I have others like it with silver sparkle and beautiful druzy gemstones.

Enjoy 15% off all my Jewelry now until Dec. 25. with the code: IslandGirl5
Enjoy 15% off all my jewelry now until Dec. 25th! With Code: IslandGirl5

The Mandala reminds us that we are connected to more than just our bodies. With that said, it can be seen through the earth, sun and moon. I also love the meaning of how they can be seen in more obvious important, "circles," such as, friends, family and communities. 

My mandala has two of my passions. Gemstones and the sea. I found those two cute little cone shaped shells on a nearby beach. I enjoy using shells in my jewelry photography as well as in some of my jewelry designs. I love color and chose many gemstones I have that are colors of the sea, sky, and nature. I find it so remarkable that all these natural gemstones come from mother nature.

I will leave you with one more thing I do to unwind (whether it be during the holiday season or just to workout and stay fit, and be healthier) is put on my music player and go outside and walk! Even if you have only 10 minutes. I find that it can be so relaxing to just get outdoors, walk briskly, and soak up the simple and beautiful surroundings!

I hope I have inspired you to take 5 or 10 minutes out of your day for yourself and do something that makes you happy and may help you unwind. That way you can recharge yourself for all the important daily tasks and goals that lay ahead.

Be well. Be Real. and above all else. Be Sparkly.

With love and kindness,

Marissa xo