Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saltwater & Gemstone Blues... Endless Shades of Blue Beauty....

Hi Lovely Readers~

"The ocean is a symbol of freedom, beauty and finding inner strength." Marissa T.

The color of the sea and sky are the most beautiful colors in the world. I love how they change patterns and color throughout the day. Isn't nature remarkable? Sometimes, when I'm out power walking, all I need to do is look out to the sea or look up, and I feel the creative inspiration start to flow. Does that happen to you? The color of the ocean is divine and all the shades of blue make me swoon. Really. Check out this latest picture I snapped while out getting some exercise and vitamin D.

Can you spot the beautiful seal? Every now and again seals pop up around here, and it is so fun to watch them frolic. They remind me of my Labrador Retriever, Morgan, who used to swim in sea a lot (bobbing his happy head up and down in the salty sea).

The metallic glow of the healing saltwater just lifts me up and makes me think of all the gorgeous blue gemstones I want to use in my next jewelry creations.

Saltwater & sea life inspired (I call these new necklaces I made below, Mermaid Aqua Spike Necklaces. I am making a lot of different combinations with freshwater pearls, clear crystal quartz, sea foam amazonite & that lovely teal aqua spike quartz, more to come). 

The sea is not only incredibly beautiful in all its vibrant changing shades of blue, but, also very healing. Like the sea, gemstones can be very healing as well. I enjoy researching the healing elements of gemstones and have been doing so since I started making jewelry (more than 10 year ago). Quartz, which comes in many colors, (like these fashionable aqua spikes) is a very healing stone. Folklore says, quartz is associated with power, energy and clarity. 

Quartz and the Sea, what a gorgeous combination. Don't you think so?

Mermaid Aqua Spike Necklaces.

 There are birds and sea life all around me in the Pacific North West. I found an otter in this gorgeous spot below (I am so often taken aback by the beauty all around me on this island).  The beauty, my deep fascination and love for nature keeps me endlessly inspired when I am creating my jewelry. I love sharing with you why I do what I do and how it fuels the creative fire inside of me. What fuels your fire? 
The triple gemstone necklace below is the beautiful gemstone Kyanite, which comes in all these fabulous natural shades of blue. I see the metallic blue water and the ever changing color of the ocean, in this gemstone. Kyanite comes from the Greek word meaning, Blue. According to folklore, it is said to aid in aligning all your energy fields (chakras) and is a by far, one of the most healing semi-precious gemstones on the planet. Whether you believe in the folklore, it's a fabulous gemstone to wear!

Triple Kyanite Necklace

I definitely think I was a mermaid or sea creature in a past life. I love the myth of the mermaid and have always been fascinated by them. I loved playing "mermaid when I was a little girl, swimming in my parents' pool. I do not think there are too many little girls who do not want to be a mermaid or pretend to be at some point in their youth! Right! If you found me snorkeling somewhere, I may be sloshing around and daydreaming about my flippers being a tail.

I found this beautiful mermaid painting by artist, Lucy D. Ream, and had to share it with you. Isn't it stunning? As a creative artist, (trying to find my way in a brand new environment). I am in awe of the raw natural beauty all around me and it motivates me to keep plunging in, eyes wide open, as a jewelry designer & maker.
Artist, Lucy D Ream

If you have any questions on any of my jewelry pieces or want to share how the sea inspire you, I would love to hear from you. 

"Be Real. Be Kind & above all else Be Sparkly,"

Marissa T. XO

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