Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sea Green Beauty, Blueberry Goodness & Jewelry Savings!

Hello Beautiful Readers,

I enjoy sharing my love of exercise and a healthy lifestyle! It goes hand in hand with "beauty," because the more beautiful you feel on the inside (mentally and physically) the more you will radiate beauty on the outside! Your jewelry and other fabulous accessories will highlight your beauty in the best way!

I think it's so important to eat well (of course I snack on candy and treat myself to desserts. Everything in moderation. Am I right). I love Thursdays because it's our farm share day. It was fun to go pick up our last share a few days ago from our local CSA. (The farm we belong to is Ebb Tide in Washington). 
I made the most delicious juice drink with a batch of their organic blueberries and other beautiful fruit.

The recipe for the delicious Blueberry Juice above is:

I use a great Juicer (by Cuisinart)

All fruit is organic thanks to our farm share. If you can get organic, I recommend it.
A box of blueberries (you decide on the amount),
A  grapefruit,
Two juicy red apples (any variety),
Several stalks of celery,
A couple pieces of carrots,
Two large cucumbers,
and a nice amount of fresh ginger
(peeled for my juicer/the ginger is store bought, but, is one of my favorite ingredients in most of my healthy juices because it adds a wonderful zest of sweetness)

I poured it in my favorite new glasses (by Kai in Malibu, California). I say new, because Kai makes the most beautifully scented candles and I received a couple as gifts. After I finished burning through them the candle holder makes the greatest drinking glass.

Here is a close up of a new beautiful Fluorite Necklace I made. It's the main one in the photo above. I purposely put a new fluorite design with the fruit juice picture because this gorgeous natural sea green fluorite is all about healing. It is a huge faceted beauty, about 10 carats. It looks like a gorgeous fine emerald and without the emerald price. Fluorite is one of my favorite semi precious gemstones I use in my designs, not only because of its natural beautiful sea green color (it comes in purple, aquas and very pale green too), but, because of the vast array of healing properties associated with it.

Fluorite is spectacular in color and it's amazing properties (mental, emotional) is said to bring peace to the wearer. It can also enhance clarity. Which also means it can help (the person who wears it) bring a wiser more balanced view of life and help making big decisions. According to folklore, it can improve learning for anyone and help enhance focus and concentration. It is a truly beautiful stone that is said to also calm and relieve anxiety, tension and stress. Simply, it can create more harmony in your life and bring more self love (Please know, that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or health care information). I have a pair of flower shaped natural green fluorite earrings I wear all the time. It is like wearing a piece of the sea all the time and I would like to think it inspires creativity!

All this beautiful sea green makes me want to swim in a lake or the sea and drink a lot of pure water. 

I wish you a healthy and sparkly week ahead.

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Be Well. Be Kind. Be You. (& yes, be Sparkly)

Marissa  xo

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