Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Transition, Energy & Turuquoise blues..

Hello Lovely Readers~

This post is all about energy. Energy connected to a making a lifestyle transition. Energy connected to jewelry! Creating positive energy in your life!

It is almost our one year anniversary that my husband, Daniel and I changed our whole lives around and moved from the East Coast (literally the tip of it. North of Boston-Massachusetts) to the Pacific North West (literally the edge of it. Well, off of it, on an island)! 

We live on a beautiful island (near Alaska and about 2 hours from the city of Seattle) in Washington! Talk about a huge lifestyle change! We are both pursuing our dreams, living the lives we want to live (with the mindset, you should go after your dreams, you've got only one shot at this thing called life, so you better make it count).

Sometimes that isn't always an easy thing to do. I can tell you with experience, it takes a tremendous amount of patience, trust, planning, gumption, teamwork, and faith.  We are both starting new businesses and wanted to live back on the "west" coast. (My husband and I actually met on the west coast, and lived there a long time. I'm originally from sunny California). So, why the heck did we move all the way to the greater Boston area, you may ask! Work brought us there. It was meant to be and we made the most of it while we were in Boston. I believe in fate. We got married North of Boston, bought our first home, adopted our dog (which we still have;,we had a lot of incredibly beautiful memories there that we are extremely grateful for.

The East coast is a gorgeous place with so much to offer. However, with that said, we also had had enough of the harsh winters, not to mention an overly populated coastal town (with more of a bedroom community). We both left steady careers to pursue our passions. Mine is jewelry! I only just started my venture with my online business (although I have been making jewelry for at least 10 years) this past summer and I have never looked back. I am so excited at all the new opportunities I have already had with my jewelry creations.
Here is a peak at my new collection I  call, Beach Boholuxe Glam Necklaces. They are sprinkled with shiny silver and turquoise, aqua blue, and druzy too (Many are One-Of-A-kind Necklaces). Two of the necklaces below have druzy gemstones. The Druzy Gemstone is all about ENERGY. It gives off strength, energy and helps clear the mind.

I love working with gemstones that give off energy, clarity and light (I really love all gemstones. A lot of druzy {or drusy} is calling out my name these days. The energy, beauty and sparkle draws me in.

While we are still transitioning into our new lives; we are still learning to adjust to the changes (some big and some little) that come our way. Not all changes are easy to make. Especially a huge lifestyle change like moving from one coast to another completely different coast. Sometimes we have to (my husband, Daniel and I) deal with the changes one day at a time. We also have experience doing this, because we moved from California (way back when) to Boston! (Some how certian things can be a little easier when you are in your twenties though, like we were then).

A wonderful (for us) way to deal with change and transition is: exercise! We often exercise outdoors and take advantage of our gorgeous new surroundings. Nothing feels better than a brisk power walk along the beach or on a fun hiking trail. Connecting with the outdoors is huge for us. We are big nature lovers. So, when we have time, (or sometimes, we just make the time) we get outdoors and breathe.

Another way to help with the transition is learning about the community and finding our niche. We have met so many wonderful locals. I sold my jewelry at an artisan market all summer long (and into fall) and it was a wonderful way (not only to jump start my jewelry business), but, to meet many interesting and wonderful new people in the community (and a lot of very friendly tourists as well). I loved meeting and socializing with so many new faces! My next goal was to join a volunteer organization. I have already joined one and plan on donating some of my time to helping this organization out.

More of my beach boholuxe necklaces. The top two you will see again soon when I do a blog post on a beautiful fashion blogger who will be wearing these beauties.  The bottom necklace is a dreamy one of a kind aqua blue natural onyx agate (in my shop). Agate is another gemstone I adore. It comes in so many remarkable natural varieties. Agate is also an energy gemstone. Legend also says that it can be calming gemstone and help you be more focused.
 One last thought on making transitions and dealing with big lifestyle change. Give yoga a try! Your body may surprise you! I have blogged about my LOVE for yoga in the past. I have started practicing yoga more regularly here on the island. It creates the best energy for my body, mind and spirit. I cannot tell you enough how much yoga has been a huge benefit to my life over the last year! 

The next photo I want to share gives you a pretty peek of the third necklace (all the wonderful demin blue druzy gemstones) you will see modeled on a fashion blogger soon. I love custom orders. (The other two necklaces, one boholuxe beach moonstone beauty and other other amethyst druzy slice are coming soon).
*I cannot leave you without mentioning that November will be full of FUN surprises & special promotions and  in my jewelry shop!*  It must be all that yoga I am doing! My energy is geared up and I excited to share specials with all of you.

 I am offering a special PROMOTION PRICE on these gorgeous (crystal quartz, one of the most powerful gemstones that give off light and energy) natural crystal quartz necklaces (below) with sparkling zircon pave (Very limited quantity. $25 each only). They make a fabulous Christmas gift.

Feel free to send me questions on my website or here on my blog about this post or any of the jewelry you see. Thank you for being here! I am sending out positive energy your way! 

Be Real. Be Kind. And above all else. Be Sparkly.

~Marissa xo

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