Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beauty is Everywhere..

Hello Beautiful Readers..

Beauty is everywhere. Beauty comes in so many forms. In people. In fashion and jewelry. It comes in love and nature. There are so many forms and ways we can find beauty and be inspired by it.

If you have been following me, you know I will most likely lead you back to the sea. Lead you back to all things blue, all things salty (I know I was a mermaid in my past life).  I want you to see some of the new things I have been up as well (from the studio, accessories and photography). I am finally back to blogging. I hope I can inspire some of your senses.

The smell of the sweet saltwater, I can never get enough. If I could bottle that sweet delicious smell, I would. The sea was wild on this day.

"Recent Beach Day"

The Sea was Wild This Day. Once of the Beaches Where I Live, Whidbey Island. Washington (All photos by me. Marissa T Designs)

"Under The Sea Gemstones. Minimal. Modern. Simple. Beach Colors"

There is something so beautiful about the natural sea-like patterns on some gemstones. Jasper and Agate above. I love how the Jasper gemstone is called "Ocean Jasper." (The New Ocean Jasper Necklace just flew out the shop quickly. I will be making more soon/am offering a promotional price on "Modern & Minimal Sea Necklaces") It has its own
 sea like pattern that reminds me of beauty you would find under the sea.  I have a small and sweet collection of natural amethyst geode pieces. There is such raw and delicious beauty in these. You can see their natural purple beauty (above). They look like candy. Being a jewelry designer I am drawn to natural things that sparkle. What are you drawn to?

"Mermaid Treasures Along the Shore"

Sometimes the shells go on forever. 

"For Any Mermaid or Water Lover. The Mermaid Bracelet"

I have a thing for mirrors. I love this antiqued venetian mirror. I recently moved to a new house and am unpacking a lot of boxes. It's wonderful to find my collection of mirrors and find new places for them again. I love the all the extra light you can bring into a space with mirrors. After the photo shoot below, I think, I will be using more mirrors with my jewelry.

The blues are so soft and pale in these beautiful agate gemstones. I see these shades of blue in so 
many beautiful things. From home decor, jewelry, fashion to paint colors (wall and nails)!

Mirror, Ballard Design. Photo's  by me. Marissa T Designs

 "Beauty in Fashion. When fashion sparkles and has gemstones in it. Well, that makes me giddy."

I had a lot of tiny little pearls and crystals in my wedding dress (they were very tiny and spread through out), when I got married many years ago. Someday I will have to share a photo of that gown. It had a lot of layers of dreamy white organza.
Photo via Seabois/Tumblr
 I love wearing tops in these shades of blue! I have this French Trumeau antique mirror that is gold and the prettiest shade of aqua blue. I bought this when I lived on the East Coast (I love French and English Style Antiques). This was an amazing find that I scored in an online auction (on Ebay, from an Antique Dealer). You never know where you'll find a treasure you're looking for. What was one of the prettiest (treasures) things you found in the most unlikely place?

My Trumeau Mirror. Gold and Soft Aqua Blue. 

One of My Favorite Mirrors.

All the Chippy Goodness in the Gold and Blue Paint.

"Beauty in Nature. Beauty in Flowers. I can never get enough of both."

Photo by Me. Marissa T Designs. New Necklaces Coming to my shop. (The Small Ocean Jasper sold quickly. However more are in the making)
"Flowers from the Spring. A Beautiful Piece of Raw Amethyst & one of my many Hand-Stamped Necklaces. Breathe."

Breathe. Hand-Stamped on Fine Silver Pewter. One of A Kind. Green Amethyst and Freshwater Pearls.

"Beauty in Art" 

I enjoy meeting and making new connections on social media. I am so happy to be friends with the incredibly talented Gabrielle Heckenbucker.  Her work is stunning. I recently did a grid feature on four of my favorite artists to follow on Instagram. I invite you to click on the photo and discover Gabrielle's magical water color world.

Artist and Photo by, Courtesy of Gabrielle Heckenbucker , 

"Beauty in Soft Taupe Colored Woodland Creatures & Bright Green Boxwood & there is Blue Again"

"Beauty is All Around Us. Back to the Sea"

The Lavender and Delicate Pink Shade of the Sunsets in the Pacific North West make me dream out loud. The glacier blue water and snow capped mountains have a way of reminding me; that some of the most beautiful things in life (or moments) can be experienced in the wildness of the sea and sky.

The Mesmerizing Colors of Nature. Beauty is Everywhere.

Until Next Time.

Be Real. Be Kind. Above all else. Be Sparkly.

Marissa xo

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