Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beautiful Aqua Sea Quartz

Beautiful Aqua Sea Quartx

Hello Beautiful Readers,

My inspiration from my love of the sea & all natural elements continues to flourish everyday.

I envisioned the sea, natural elements, & a beautiful coastal bride (or anyone who wants loves a statement necklace) when I designed this stunning new necklace I just made! I love how the unique crystal quartz spikes vary in colors. It is a custom design I made for the beautiful Sophie Iyla Eve. Sophie looks stunning modeling it in the photo.

Sophie and I put each put our unique creativity together and have collaborated on Instagram.

Necklace By Marissa T Designs. Photo Credit & Model: Sophie Iyla Eve.

Some beautiful close up photo's of the necklace. I have been making many of My "Mermaid Spike Necklaces," with these aqua crystal quartz. I envision endless waves of ocean beauty & lovely mermaids with long wavy hair. Sophie's kind spirit & beauty inspired me as well, she is a lovely person inside & outside. 

I will be making many of those & variations of this necklace. I love making custom orders as well. This gemstone is special because, according to folklore, among many things, crystal quartz enhances energy &  helps in manifesting, healing and protection. Due to its ability to balance, quartz is excellent for harmonizing one's environment. Quartz is a very powerful protective stone.  It can offer clarity to the wearer and clears away negative energy. 

I made this custom design with the Aqua blue crystal quartz, silver charms, freshwater pearls, turquoise nuggets on the extender & silver re-purposed stainless steel chain.

Being one who practices yoga & meditation, for mind, body & soul. I appreciate the healing  and metaphysical properties associated with crystal quartz. According to folklore, it is also known to enhance spiritual growth and inspire creativity.  

Marissa T Designs. Photo credit. Sophie Iyla Eve.
Some more variations of my "Mermaid Spike Necklaces."


Have a beautiful weekend.

Be Kind. Be Real. & above all else be sparkly.  xo Marissa


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