Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flower Beauty & Jewelry to match

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Salt water.
and Free Winged Creatures.

Hello Beautiful Readers~

I'm obsessed with Hydrangea (these are from my garden) & peonies. There aren't too many girls who aren't as I've noticed the flood of gorgeous flower pictures on Instagram. I am right there with you girls. I am smitten with flowers of all colors.

The Jewelry I chose to wear in the photo above are all inspired by flowers and salt water! Fashionable Lavender Druzy with a Silver Spike & White Freshwater pearl (3 necklaces in one); and a large juicy Sea Green Fluorite (healing gemstone) & blue opal pendant necklace. (I'm wearing a Tahari shirt/ and Fila sunglasses as a headband).

Below is the Lavender Necklace close up with two other necklaces I've designed. Inspiration from not only flowers and the sea filled my soul for these, but, also beautiful free winged creatures.

I'll blog again about the modern Fluorite cube designs I'm making like the one above. I am wild about fluorite and it's natural beauty. A healing gemstone with the most beautiful natural hues of green, aqua green, sea blue and purple. Another photo of my hydrangea bouquet was needed below. It was huge! Bigger than my head and so very beautiful.

The Pitcher/Vase (Delft Blue, from Portugal) is from Tiffany. A wedding present from my sister. I always use it for floral bouquets.I Love Delft Blue.
These Necklaces (above) are also inspired by floral beauty. Rich jewel tones of Raspberry and Lavender. (you can click on photo to find them or go back to my website for more information).

Best for last! I'm offering another savings in my online Jewelry Shop for you. Save 20% in my shop. (Minimum purchase of $20 and cannot be combined with my personal gift certificates). Coupon code is: Sparkle15 ! If you have a chance to pick a flower, I hope that you do. Or support a local florist and buy a few blooms. 

Be Kind. Be Real and, yes, Be Sparkly. 

~Marissa T xo

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