Saturday, January 16, 2016

Beach BohoLuxe Jewelry and Inspiring Women!

Hello Beautiful Readers,

I love adventure, reading, traveling, and coffee (and of course Jewelry and Fashion)! These are a few of the fun things that I found I have in common with Shelbi on Instagram. We have been following each others' Instagram pages for a while and I discovered Shelbi is a unique and very talented blogger with flair. Her photo's are thoughtful, inspiring, incredibly beautiful, and interesting to read!
She has a lovely theme of pretty fashion mixed with witty and clever books, delicious food, and so much more!

I had a feeling she would be a delightful person to collaborate with and I am happy to say I was right! 

This is my favorite photograph of her, just stunning, in my One-Of-A-Kind Natural Agate Druzy Beach Necklace.

Photo of Shelbi, The Nobby Life/ Necklace: Marissa T Designs
The necklace on Shelbi, is a One-Of-A-Kind. However, I will be creating many One-Of-A-Kind Necklaces in this very style. I have another Natural Lavender Grey Agate Druzy in the same design, that I posted before. 

A beautiful full length photograph of Shelbi (below) in her Marissa T Designs Necklace and fabulous coat! 

Photo of Shelbi, courtesy of The Nobby Life.
Shelbi also has one of my minimal and pretty layering necklace that layers beautifully with the Agate Druzy Necklace or looks amazing on its own. The diamond shape natural silver druzy is like a sparkly diamond (without the price of a diamond).

Shelbi accessorizes her outfits wonderfully.  She wears cute, trendy, and classic boots, scarves and big leather bags (which are all my other favorite accessories). Isn't it pretty how she wore the small sparkling silver druzy against black here?

The necklaces are very versatile and I love how she appreciates that. She said she will be "wearing these lovely pieces for everything from going out with friends to events where I will be dressed up," She also added, "There is so much styling potential and I am eager to see how often I can get away with wearing these (because it's going to be often. Like every day.)."     
For other shots of Shelbi wearing the diamond silver druzy and agate druzy necklace please visit her blog post at The Nobby Life.
For all the fashion details (I want this coat wrap) visit Shelbi on Instagram.

I think Shelbi could wear any of my designs and look amazing! Wouldn't she look beautiful in some of these new crystal quartz beauties I created? 

I usually post many of my new jewelry pieces first on My Instagram (and My Facebook Page) where I also love to share my personal photography of things and surroundings that inspire me. Most of these natural crystal quartz, agate and howlite gemstone necklaces are new designs.


 I find it special to collaborate with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers that are unique like Shelbi, who shares my belief that smart and talented women should empower and support other like-minded women. If you want to follow an inspiring and relatable (I enjoy, how through her posts, Shelbi inspires the, Every Day Girl) woman on Instagram, Shelbi, is indeed, one to follow. 
I love to show my appreciation to returning customers and new ones!  So, through the end of January and possibly through one week in February I am offering a *fun special! I will be making you a "Free Surprise Gift" with any purchase you make in my online shop. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Be Kind. Be Real. and Above all else, Be Sparkly.


  1. Couldn't agree more about supporting and empowering other women. I wish more women thought like you! xx

  2. Hi Belle, I appreciate that! It really is so much better to support each other (than the opposite). Thank you so much for stopping by! Marissa xx