Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sunsets, Water, and Aqua gemstones. Happy 2016

Happy New Year Beautiful Readers.

I hope your New Year got off to a really great start! Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? I chose not to this year. I find, for me, it is better to focus on enjoying the present moment. The moment that you are in. Do not get me wrong, I am all about goals and planning (I am a big list maker).  However, I think you (or at least me) can do both. I can set goals for myself and also be the kind of person who focus's on being more present. Living on a island that is surrounded by glorious water gives me inspiration and helps keep me stay present. This is a photo that I took yesterday while out power walking. We have had a lot of gray days here. So, it is not all rainbows and magical sunsets. Finding happiness comes from within and I think we all have are different ways to find balance and beauty. When the sun comes out (and then it makes a magical sunset) it is really really incredible! I treasure moments like these. I find it really helps center me and I love sharing these photos and moments with you. The lavender and glow of the sun is so soothing and reminds me of some of my favorite gemstones.


Of course it is not always easy to be fully in the present moment. I think, it takes A LOT of practice to be fully awake in the moment. Being an artisan (who works for herself), I find it helps keep me centered and able to focus on the tasks I set out to do for the day (if I am aware of the moment and have just done some cardio or yoga for example). Doing yoga or cardio really helps me find my groove and reflect on that moment.

I recently shared a book on Instagram where the stories are all centered around water. It is a delightful and relaxing read! If you have been following me, you know by now, that water is probably my biggest inspiration and one of my biggest loves.  The book is called, "The Soothing Soak, A Bathtub Reader," (A Waterproof book).

We have had A LOT of cold and wet days here. So, I recently grabbed this book from my shelf for inspiration. If you love water, I think you will enjoy this book (You can read it anywhere, but, it is pretty handy that you can take it in the tub).

I like that it is a collection of many different and interesting authors with "Water-themed" stories, essays, and poems. Some of the authors in the book, include, D.H. Lawrence, Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, Diane Ackerman, Rumi, Mary Oliver, Anne Sexton, and Pablo Neruda. Water is so soothing and relaxing. It nourishes and awakens my spirit. Whether I am in it or just near it, watching it, photographing it, I get mesmerized. Does it do that for you? It is a kind of soothing escape (pure relaxation) for some people, being in water. For me, when I can swim in the sea, I am never more fully present than when I am immersed in water. Okay, the sea where I live now, is very cold (even in the summer), but that will not stop me from going in with a wet suit this summer! (It was very cold on the East Coast where I moved from a year ago and there I jumped in all the time in the steamy hot summers (without a wet suit). "It is no coincidence that water is tied to the spirit. We come from the water, and we return to the water, whether in sacred communion, relaxation, or wonder," (From the Introduction of the book).

My handmade necklaces I chose for the photo, have my favorite color of course! Aqua and blue are such soothing water colors. Water colored gemstones just draw me in. I think they draw a lot of people in because of the connection to water and the sea. I used natural aqua turquoise and round faceted aqua agate gemstones. Agate is a gemstone that is said to promote physical energy and also a soothing and grounding stone that can help calm you (according to folklore).

Each necklace also has druzy in it ( From left to right: A stunning natural lavender gray agate druzy; a small sparkly silver quartz druzy, and a larger flower shaped natural silver druzy quartz). I love that druzy quartz is said to be an energy and balancing gemstone.  I wrapped the flower shaped silver druzy around my wrist below (which if it is the right length, can function as a necklace or bracelet). I also put on more aqua agate bracelets for this "New Year themed" photo (that are coming to my online shop soon) with turquoise and a big gorgeous lavender purple amethyst druzy.

I took the next two photo's on New Year's Day! They are two beautiful photo's to leave you with right now and I hope you think so too. The sun was shining all day and I went on a huge beach hike (mixed with power walking) with my husband. We have a great tradition to go to the beach and get our cardio on every January 1st! Lucky for us (and everyone else on the island) the sun came out and we were able to enjoy the day a thousand times more! It seemed like everyone was out enjoying the sun! 


Whatever your New Year's goals or resolutions may be, I wish you much joy and focus while working on them. I also wish you happiness, health, and love in 2016! ****I am offering a wonderful special this January! You will receive a FREE SURPRISE JEWELRY GIFT with any one purchase you make in my online jewelry shop! Thank you for being here.

Be Kind. Real. Be Sparkly.

Love and light,

Marissa xo

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