Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy "Tuesday Tulips" & The Benefits and Beauty of Powerwalks on the Beach.

Hello Readers~

I received the most beautiful red tulips from my husband today for no special reason. He said, "Happy Tuesday Tulips." Who doesn't love flowers from the man they love? It really put a huge smile on my face and my heart. Since moving from the East coast to our new coast, the Pacific North West (it's only been 4 months), my husband and I have been doing a lot of wonderful new things to get to know the island (all in good time). We have also tried to keep some of our everyday rituals (to create more structure in our new lives, since both our routines are completely different now). Some of our small traditions (if you will) are, simple, but, so important. One is , we often exercise together. We go for brisk power walks. (Which we did on the east coast too. We often saw the ocean there too as we lived on a peninsula in a very pretty but, very overpopulated seaside town). Now we can go for brisk power walks on many different glorious beaches (it's especially an amazing workout when you lunge through soft wet sand). You feel the burn in your legs, buttocks, and back!

My husband, Daniel, also used to give my flowers (when we lived on the east coast) for special occasions and also just because he felt like it. So, "Tuesday Tulips," reminded me of some east coast moments of joy (tradition). 

The Tulips! Nothing like fresh flowers to brighten your mood. Add a splash of beauty inside! They do something beautiful to your soul too. Don't you think?

Some of the beaches we power walk on in our new digs, "The Pacific North West." What does the sea do for you?

Do you exercise? I know it's often hard to find the time. But, do you squeeze some cardio in there, somewhere?
Do you live near the ocean? I feel blessed. Never take it for granted and well, keep pinching myself that we live here. 
 Daniel was off taking in the sun on a much needed break, We had been power walking for more than a hour already. Time for a selfie.


Power walking is so good for you. As I'm sure many of you probably now this! Let's inspire each other! Not only are you getting the benefits of a great cardio workout (brisk walking/arms moving/walking in sand) you also (at least for me, maybe for you too) get the glorious benefits for your soul & mind. Your mind becomes more clear. I become more centered (like after I do yoga/the feeling is amazing). I feel invigorated from the cool air, the brilliant & dreamy scenery, super energized from the fresh briny sea air, and uplifted from the sounds of the waves and birds. Did I mention we have eagles everywhere here? They are magnificent to see in person.

I have been very very busy creating new jewelry pieces (and working on my website. *I will be launching that soon. I'm very excited). The sea is a constant inspiration for my life and my jewelry creations. 

A new bracelet (below) I made of many delicious sea turquoise colored gemstones. Available in my etsy shop now. I call it "Hope Bracelet." The gemstone I used the most of in it, is Amazonite. It is an amazing gemstone because it comes in a variety of green and blue is also said to be the "hope stone."  Folklore says it inspires confidence and hope. Also said to be the gemstone of courage and said to be named after Amazon women warriors. Only $44 US. Natural lavender/blue druzy crystal and ocean jasper, and amazonite. Fancy Sterling silver beads and heart shaped toggle. Special details and a meaningful piece for your jewelry collection.

*You get to be the first to find out about this new promotion starting now! I ship world world, (see etsy listings. but, It applies to Europe, U.S., Mexico, and Canada) . If you buy more than one item from my shop (so 2 or more), You receive FREE shipping from me.* 

Offer lasts through May 2015* I credit you the shipping costs after purchase. It can be a wonderful savings! More promotions coming soon. Bloggers and Instagram followers, and Pinners are likely to hear first!  Different promotions will be listed in different social media platforms.  

Happy Exercising, Jewelry shopping , flower buying! Or you can be the someone special and treat yourself. Or pick some fresh flowers for your flat, out in the garden! 

Smell the flowers, Smell the fresh air. Get that heart rate up. Shop some bling with amazing values , handmade with special care and gorgeous gemstones . Oh yes, and above all else. Be sparkly. ~Marissa T. xo

Hope Bracelet

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