Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Beachy Boho Chic Jewelry! & FREE GIFT INCLUDED!

Hello Beautiful Readers~

I have a fun NEW section in my etsy Jewelry shop that I call, "FREE GIFT INCLUDED." 

I add a beautiful new of piece jewelry to it that I just made and it comes with its own special FREE GIFT! 

I just added the first necklace (below)! It comes with a FREE gorgeous pair of "Spa Earrings." I added a picture of the fabulous petite earrings below . You can keep for them for yourself or give as a gift to a lovely friend or Mother's Day is coming up.  The necklace is inspired by my love of the sea and all the gorgeous turquoise water colors associated with it. 

I call the necklace, "Sky Necklace," because I'm constantly inspired by natural elements. All those fabulous colors of the sea and sky. Nature is truly amazing.

I call my jewelry. Beachy. Boho. Chic. Very much Beach inspired. A little bit of fun loving Bohemian style and very chic. I love how easy this necklace is to slip over your head. Slip it on, grab your handbag, lipstick and go! Are you a beachy chic girl or woman? It looks like candy drops! Mmmmm.

Sky Necklace/Comes with FREE GIFT Earrings BELOW!
 I call these lovely earrings "Spa Earring." Oh how I love the dreamy sea agate and pale sky blue amazonite.

These earring are FREE GIFT for you when you purchase the "Sky Necklace," above. I ship international.

Be well. Be Fashionable. Be beachy and above all else. Be Sparkly.

~Marissa T. xo

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