Monday, April 6, 2015

My Love Affair with the Sea & Jewels. Part 2

Hello Beautiful Readers~

I had blogged recently about my love affair with the sea. Part 2 here we go. I can blog about this topic forever! Why? It is my main inspiration for my jewelry designs and I have such a special love for the ocean that I need to share it with others out there who I know can relate. Among many things, it is also a zen or yoga like experience for me. (Yoga. next blog topic).

Island County, Washington/One of my favorite beaches. 
There is something magical that happens to me when I'm near the sea. It's as if it's calling out to me. I always reply when it does. I have read about water and its healing benefits and have found a lot of interesting tid bits. One being, that the ocean has restorative powers that has been recognized for centuries. It's no wonder the Greeks bathed in springs to cure disease and simply, as way to help people come alive and gain strength. These days, it's amazing to read, how many spas all over the world, use water therapy.

Salt water, it wakes up my senses. I must have been a mermaid or dolphin in a past life. In a future life, I would like to come back as a mermaid (or a character on "Downton Abbey," well, that's a whole other topic).  The pure joy I feel, from swimming in the sea, is surreal. I feel my limbs move through the cool salt water and I am invigorated. I am completely immersed in the moment. Me and the sea. If I'm lucky, this usually happens to me, when I meditate or practice yoga. I become more present and alive, in that moment.  The feeling of swimming in another world (the underwater world) is pure bliss. I feel calm. I feel wonder. I feel joy. There is something to be said about the healing effects of water. It can help you spiritually and physically.

Snorkeling is something I don't get to do enough of , but, I LOVE it. I recall a fun vacation in Aruba not too long ago, with my husband, Daniel, and my brother. Every day was "Explore a New Beach Day," for us. I remember one afternoon, I went out to snorkel and I think I may have been in the briny sea for more than two hours. Was I water logged? No! On the contrary, I could have stayed longer! Being in the seawater is intoxicating (for me) & experiencing all the spectacularly beautiful tropical fish, up close is surreal. I can swim and frolic for hours on end. There is nothing like swimming and floating through a school of thousands of  blue fish. If you haven't experienced this (and you love swimming), I highly recommend it. It is truly a magical underwater wonderland.
A beach in Aruba. I snorkeled here for hours!

I  feel renewed when I swim in the ocean (or power walk next to it). Do you experience this bliss too? I would love to know. I can't wait to swim in the sea where I live now (Pacific North West, U.S.). I hear I need a wet suit because of critters in the sea (jellyfish). I think I would wear heavy scuba gear if I had too. Some say the water is cold here. I used to swim in the ocean all the time when I lived on the East Coast. The cold water and I mix well. Recently, on a warm spring day, I went down to the beach to feel the water and it felt amazing. I was ready to jump in! It was calling me. When the sea calls out to me, I always answer it.
Aruba. The wild side.  The color of the water is unreal.
Aruba. The water is really that blue. 
I must leave you with some of my NEW jewelry pieces (designed by me & available in my etsy shop) that are all about my "love affair with the sea." Beachy. Boho. Chic. This necklace might make you feel like a fashionable mermaid.
The Blue Duchess Necklace

Necklaces Inspired by the Sea. In my Etsy Shop.
Inspired by the Sea and Fashion. All these necklaces in ocean & sunset hues are available in my etsy shop.
Let me tell you about a special shipping promotion that I am having. If you buy 2 or more pieces from my etsy shop, you get free shipping! Last through Spring 2015! (applicable in U.S., Canada, E.U., U.K. and Mexico).

See you soon. Be well. Be in the moment. and above all else. 

Be sparkly~

Marissa T.

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