Thursday, April 16, 2015

Huge Lifestyle Change? Finding Balance with Yoga and Sparkle...

Hello Beautiful Readers~


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If you've read some of my posts, you know that I recently made a tremendous life change. For those of you that are new, I'll catch you up. I moved about 5 months ago, from the East coast (in the U.S., from the East coast, Boston, MA, literally to the very other side, to the Pacific North West Coast, Washington. An island near Canada). That is a enormous lifestyle change. My husband, Daniel and I, are still very much in transition and that is not always easy. We sold our home on the East Coast, said good bye to our old jobs, and are pursuing our passions for work. You only live once. Is that exciting? Very much so! However, all that transition and change makes it challenging for your mind, body, and soul. I believe connecting and finding balance for your mind body and soul is always a challenge. However, add enormous life changes, and it can get even harder. My answer these days is: YOGA.

This is one of my happy places. Here and my YOGA MAT.
Everything is still so very NEW.  With new, comes unease and excitement all at the same time. For me, and I would think for most, it is very beneficial to find things that ground you. Exercise (I've posted about my power beach walks) and yoga are my things! I did yoga on the east coast. But, not very regularly. Now, I happily practice yoga several times a week! I LOVE it! I cannot tell you how amazing yoga is for me. It's goes beyond what regular cardio exercise does for me (and I have been a gym member since I was a young girl). Do you do yoga? Do you experience this bliss? It is so much more than exercise.

For me, yoga is all about, inner strength, power, exercise, balance, breathe, core, inner work, outer work, spirit, trust, harmony, peace. So important to me that I have been creating jewelry pieces inspired by my connection and love for yoga. 

Om Necklace
My "Om Necklace." Pewter, Hand-stamped with love. Comes with removable Pink Aquamarine and Freshwater pearl. $33

Spirit Bracelets. Yoga Inspired. (They have the big gorgeous Lemon Yellow Quartz, Aquamarine and Jasper). Jasper gemstone is said to help balance mind and body 

I just made this bracelet that I call "Serene." Part of my Yoga Inspired Jewelry Collection.
The Gemstone Agate is said to promote a sense of Calm (serene) and is a powerful emotional healer. $30

I've met many new and friendly people in this progressive and incredibly scenic place. I hope to meet many many more like minded peeps. Let me just say, it will take some time to find my groove in this special place. Finding your niche, and creating a support system, in a brand new environment, is a considerable and wonderful challenge. However, I am determined to have fun on my journey finding it. When obstacles and uncertainty get in the way, back on my yoga mat I shall go. Back to Om. Back to my breathe. Persistence and practice are words I often hear spoken by my beautiful yoga instructors. Nobody said things come easy. Believe in yourself and in your practice. 

Breathe. Be You. Be in the Moment. and above all else. Be Sparkly. 


~Marissa T.xo


  1. Ah is indeed marvellous and... healing even! Keep it up! Great post!

  2. Thank you! Yoga is wonderful. Thanks for much for your positive feedback!