Monday, March 23, 2015

Fun Parties and Aqua Blue accesories....

Hello Readers~

Happy Monday. I had a very fun weekend. I hope you did too. I went to a gala reception for the opening of a new Art School. A big artist's reception where I met some other creative artists. A lot of delicious appetizers/wine and mini desserts. Did a bit of mingling and gathered some inspiration for my art. One bubbly woman I met, who I asked, "So are you creative as well? (Do you make anything?)". She replied with a huge smile, "I make love in the air." At least I think I'm quoting her properly. I thought that was a cute remark, making us both laugh. However, if more people actually really did put more love out into the universe, so to speak, well, that could make a much happier world. Really! My eyes gravitated to her unique and stylish necklace. It was several layers of blue gemstones (and some type of delicate fabric/all in a wonderful variety of aqua blue hues). I adore aqua with pink. She paired the necklace with a simple, but cute, fuschia pink sweater.  I love noticing fashion and especially, what jewelry people wear! Of course! The jewelry can never be missed! Another woman I met, a jewelry artisan herself had on some of her clever designs. The necklace was all silver, modern geometric shapes. Fun piece.

I also had a dinner party that my husband & I went too. Some lovely new friends on the island. The hostess is a divine cook with magnificent British shabby chic taste (I love this woman's style. She is in fact, British and has an amazing eye for fashion, home decor, and food). Not only was the company wonderful, we know it's always like going to a gourmet restaurant (every time we are invited over). She spoiled us with delicious goodies, like pate, garlic humus, beef bourguignon (wow), and a creamy sumptuous raspberry cheesecake. Many glasses of red wine were consumed. The gorgeous cheesecake had to be posted on my Instagram. @Marissa TDesigns. So many gorgeous pink raspberries! It was delicious too! My other friend, the daughter of the divine British cook extraordinaire, had some lovely jewelry on, round aqua blue dangle silver earrings that kept catching the light as she spoke. They could have been sea glass, but, I'm guessing they were sea blue chalcedony quartz. There is something so wonderful about women and how they love aqua and turquoise colored jewelry! My favorite color I work with is blue. Have you noticed yet?  Every single shade of blue. I can't and will never get enough of Turquoise hues... Inspired by my LOVE of the SEA. 

Want to take a peak at some new necklaces I just made? I haven't listed them in my etsy shop for sale yet. Just finished making and photographing them. This necklace is all about the sea (and turquoise hues). The stone in the middle is a subtle creamy white agate druzy gemstone. I think of blue water, waves, and soft sand when I see & feel this necklace. Do you like to wear turquoise blues?

This next necklace I made with some delicious blue opal and one fabulous coffee colored agate in the center. Paired up with bright copper chain. I love the combo of turquoise colored gemstones with copper! I currently have several pieces like this in my etsy shop. Copper is an amazing metal to wear. It's a cool, trendy metal (one that will never out of style) and it's also very healing and grounding.  Bet this would look very cute with a simple white T and jeans. Or that pretty pink sweater....

Boho Beachy Chic Necklace

Be well. Be Real. and above all else, Be Sparkly. ~Marissa T.

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