Saturday, March 14, 2015

More on Driving across the country (U.S.A.) and how that inspired me..

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Wanted to blog more on my huge road trip from the East  coast to the Pacific North West. If you read my first blog (thank you) life has changed dramatically and it's all very exciting. My husband and I (and our dog, our furry baby, Chocolate labrador, Morgan) drove across the country last Nov. 2014. 
New Changes. New Life. New Careers goals. It's a challenge to move somewhere where you don't have any family, any support system in place. But, we did it before, so, it's not new to us (We both moved from California to Boston, MA, U.S.)! We'll make it work again! But even better this time! I am closer to family. Most of them are on the West coast. We've moved to a new coast, The Pacific North West! We want to follow our passions. (We were definitely over Massachusetts. Over our jobs there. Over the horrible weather. Over it). Our lives are still very much in transition as I'm sure it will be for sometime. This is not always easy. But, I'm learning to adapt. Although it's been a life challenge, it's helped me grow as a person and learn more about myself and for that I am infinitely grateful.  For those of you who don't particularly thrive on huge changes or need stability in your life (like me), may be able to relate. Would love to find other women out there who have done this several times in there life (like me). Let's inspire each other. 

Selfie on the road. Kiss.
A Selfie on the road. Kiss.
You only get one life. Follow your dreams/follow your passions. That is what we are doing! SO, I was running my own business. I created and implemented my own curriculum, that I used to teach Spanish to children. I did that for almost 10 years. It was time for change. I've always been creating jewelry...(have always had LOVE and PASSION for jewelry and fashion. But, jewelry creating is #1). So, I'm focusing all my energies on my first love. Jewelry design, making, creating and selling! (Doing all forms of social media/and now blogging. Designing a website. Coming this spring).
 Re-launching my etsy shop and have amazing promotions going on! *Big Spring one: Spend $39 and you get a FREE gift! (I design a surprise pair of earrings for you. A value of up to $25). A lot of my jewelry pieces at seriously awesome promotion prices! If you love jewelry! I invite you to check out my shop! Exciting jewelry ideas were on my mind on the drive across the United States. But, most of the time, it was just so wonderful to be in the moment,  enjoy the scenery, drink it all in. Enjoy the peace. Enjoy the special little moments with Daniel (my husband) and Morgan. It was wonderful to be on the open road and see so much open land in this country. Driving through Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota, I remember, had incredible lasting impressions of beauty & tranquility for me. I am always inspired by nature when creating jewelry. So much of this experience has influenced many of my designs. I am often inspired by fashion and artists. But, also, nature, the wonders of it, animal life, and travel (I've done a lot of amazing travel too/something to blog about in the future) inspires me to no end when creating jewelry pieces! I realize I've only just begun in the blog world and I hope to gain followers to inspire, and who inspire me (& jewelry shoppers). We all have so many stories to tell and so much inspiration to give. A shout out to all women bloggers out there: I look forward to meeting you in the blog world. I really do. 
Montana Sunset.

Where's the bling? Two pictures below. A new necklace I just listed (the turquoise and teal/blue fluorite one) & a new one I just made (the dreamy druzy)! I am crazy wild about Turquoise. (all things related to the ocean and all shades of blue...LOVE!!!!). I also adore Druzy! The druzy one will be a special listing (I have a few in shop) , where you get both necklaces for the price of one! Yes! The gorgeous sea blue agate druzy will range between $38-$44. and you get the other smaller azure blue druzy in the picture, for FREE. They look fabulous together. Or wear separately! Thanks for looking! Be well. Be fashionable. Be in the moment. Be sparkly. ~Marissa T

Morgan on the road. Love.
My husband, Daniel. On the road.

On the road. Soaking up the beauty.

Turquoise Glam Necklace.
Dreamy Blue Druzy Duo. Get both for the price of one.

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