Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why I'm starting a blog! Hello from a Jewelry Artisan living on an island in the Pacific North West. U.S.

Hello Blog World!  My name is Marissa T.

Before I jump into the main reason I started this blog (My Passion for jewellery design and the jewellery I make & sell). I'd love to give future customers (& jewelry lovers) a glimpse into my life and what has brought me to blogging (& all forms of social media) at this time in my life.

I'm a very visual person. So here are some pictures of me and my husband to start off.

Me and Daniel.
Me. In Washington.

I'm a self taught independent jewelry artisan from California. Why am I starting a blog? I'm a jewelry designer and creator. Did I say that already. Very excited about it all. I'm a independent jewelry artisan who's been making jewelry for about 10 years now. I have an extensive background in teaching language to adults and children (I taught Spanish to children for the last 10 years). With that said, I now have the opportunity to focus all my energies on making and selling my jewelry online (& retail/local as well)! Very thrilled! A little scary! Of course. Starting anything new is. Speaking of new! My life has changed so much in the last year! I moved, another HUGE change in life again, across the United States! Back to the West Coast (United States). But, am on a new coast, with my husband, and furry baby (our 14 year old chocolate Labrador), the Pacific North West! (practically in Canada). Starting brand new lives! Getting dizzy! I know the feeling.

I'm from California (I went to university in a coastal town about 2 hours from Los Angeles-California). Then I moved to the East Coast (Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.) and lived there quite some time. By far, the best part about the East Coast, marrying my awesome husband, buying our first home and starting our married lives together. He's my soulmate and I am a hopeless romantic. A lot of my jewelry is inspired by love. 

Well, for a ton of wonderful reasons (that also made for one of toughest years of our married lives), we decided to quit our jobs, follow our passions (work wise) sell our home (sigh), and move to a new coast. So here we are, on the tip of the Pacific North West, on a island! Surrounded by the best thing of all. The SEA! That is where I have always gotten the most inspiration for my jewelry designs.

We drove (Nov. 2015) across the this HUGE country (you realize just how BIG it really is, when you literally drive the full length of it) from the tip of the East Coast, Massachusetts, to our island in Washington. It was a crazy and beautiful adventure! Something to keep blogging about! We drove mainly for our dog, Morgan! (What we wouldn't do for our dogs, am I right!?) We knew a million things could go wrong and I think I've aged 5 years in the last year! But, we found our luck was starting to turn... The drive (which we did in about 8 or 9 days) couldn't have gone better and our dog couldn't have done any better! Can't tell you what a HUGE relief that was for us. All that newness (dog friendly motel after motel and TONS of hours in a mini van) for our dog... Well, he could've kept us up all night, every night, or gotten carsick, or other things.. But, to our amazement, he was an angel & all went so well! Smooth sailing (as we say in America)!
Here's Morgan. Somewhere in the gorgeous state of Montana (on our drive across the US). He's extremely sweet, fun and very spoiled.

Morgan in Montana

Let's get back to the bling (I'll write more later about our journey across the United States)!!
Here's a sample of something I just made. Inspired by the sea and our happy island. Filled with Turquoise colored gemstones and one big pink heart shaped chalcedony. I use many metals and mainly genuine semi-precious & precious gemstones! I love this necklace!
Will be in my shop soon: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OceanHue
 I'm signing off for now. Must take a break and go for big power walk. Need Fresh air! Need to move! Thanks for joining me. I have so much to add. It's still a blog-in-progress! Thanks for reading. Look forward to meeting many bloggers!  

See you soon. 

Love, Marissa T.

You can find my shop at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OceanHue

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